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Would you buy a purse with your salary of a month?

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 03/14/2011
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I love purses very much. My life can’t be enjoyable if there is no purse. Purse brings my life with a lot of fun and it makes my life more colourful. However, I got stuck in a question; Would you buy a purse at the cost of your salary of one month?   I don’t think I will live happily without purses. But buying a little purse with my whole salary of a month is a little difficult to me. I am not a rich person and I need my money to do many other things. Purse is a good thing but I can’t just live on it. I don’t want to buy a purse at the cost of my whole salary of a month. That would make my life miserable. Maybe somebody will say: Come on! The number of that kind of purse is limited. You won’t see it when you are rich enough to buy it! That’s true. But the purse that I want should bring me happiness. If there is a beautiful and fashionable but not expensive purse, why not buy it? I believe there is such a purse Sometimes I want to be a rich person. Then I won’t be stuck in that question. I won’t hesitate to say ” Of course I would! That purse is just what I’m finding! To a lot of rich persons, that would be possible. You don’t need to think about the money just think about the purse. You like it? Then buy it! Nobody will stop you. Purse is a necessary item in our life. It makes our life more fashionable and convenient. You can also put your intimate person’s picture into it and then you could see him/her at any time. It will surely make you very happy. To me, some kind of purses indeed deserve the salary of one month. It just depends on what you think.   To different people, the answers to that question would be different. That’s not the question that if the purse deserves it.



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