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Would you buy it?

  • By rachel Agee
  • Published 12/6/2010
  • Satire

Here is a joke. One day, the father asked his son, who had just got 10 dollars, how he would spend the money. I’m going to buy a wallet.¡ answered the son. Why?¡ asked the father. Because I want a wallet to store this 10 dollars.It’s a funny story, but it also leads to a question which is worthwhile to think about for every customer: would you buy it? If a wallet is so expensive that it will cost all you pay in a month, would you buy it all the same? As a common customer, when you face such question, maybe your answer would be simply no, instinctively no. Mostly every person would take the boy’s story as a joke and laugh at it, and at the same time, anyone who is sane and sensible won’t spend all his pay in one month on a wallet. First of all, it’s too expensive for a wallet, whether the wallet deserve that mony or not, there’s no need of it. And more important, if you spend all your money once, maybe you would have to go through some difficult time. But, if it’s not just a wallet, if it means something to you, will you change your mind? Sometimes, a wallet is more than a wallet. Imagine that, if you had just lost your precious wallet, which you kept using for years and had become a part of your body, and then, you had a chance to buy a new one just the same as yours, even it was very expensive, would you buy it? Or, the wallet was from someone who was very important to you, like parents, best friends and lovers, for you losing the wallet was just like losing one of them, would you buy it, even you have to spend your one month’s pay? Indeed, some wallets are not just wallets, they are works of art. Those wallets, especially the so-called ¡°limited editon¡±, with fashionable design and deliberate manufacture, are not only worth to buy, but also worth to store, their value rise as time goes by. Such wallets, some time latter, would deserve more than your one month’s pay. So, here comes the original question: would you buy it? Maybe it’s not always an easy question to answer, sometimes decisions are just hard to make.



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