WoW Addons for Leveling Up

Authored by Michael Grisso in Online Games
Published on 01-21-2009

Thinking back to all the years of playing World of Warcraft, it would have been nice to have some of the add-ons they offer today. I was going over some of the ones I had in my files on the computer and thinking that many of you should have this sort of information. It definitely isn’t fair when someone is getting help on their quests while you struggle to figure out how to get around a mountain. This can take a substantial amount of time off your gaming pleasure, which we intend to fix right now.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of a download called Carbonite, you need to get it ASAP. You can find it at the Curse website and when used, it will track the Quest Givers and areas you need to go in order to accomplish your goals. After playing WoW for two years without it, this is definitely the way to go now. Just make sure you manually install it and click My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface, then Addon to file your download away.

Once you have Carbonite you can enjoy other add-ons like X to Level and XP Shouter. Both of these can be helpful, although they can be annoying as well considering they sometimes make you feel like leveling up is taking forever. The X to Level add on shows you how many more enemies you will need to kill in order to reach the next level. Beneficial? Maybe, but it sure takes the guessing out of the scenario.

The XP Shouter on the other hand is something used through giving out percentages. If you kill something a message will flash across the screen that tells you how much of the current level you have completed. It will also let you know how many more you have to go. You can probably already see why people considering these annoying. You should at least have one, but there really isn’t a need for both.

While all three of these are great to some extent, the Usability Rating add-on can be just as helpful. The more you play WoW, the more you realize how many action bar items you will be able to use. The UR keeps track of how often something is used and is why this is a great tool when you are out grinding for mats or leveling up. There are many more where these four came from, but if you try to get everything at once, you won’t be able to enjoy what you have now.


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