WoW Help: Finding Mageweave Cloth

Authored by Michael Grisso in Online Games
Published on 02-01-2009

By now you have probably come across someone who has dropped a piece or two of Mageweave Cloth. If you are a tailor this will be needed once you hit about 190 on your skills list. In order to progress you must have enough, along with many other mats in order to make an item. We’ll explain that below, but first let’s talk about where you need to go in order to receive the most Mageweave out of a kill.

Gadzetgan and Tanaris

As your level progresses you will come across various places like certain Dungeons and caves where enemy characters will drop a Mageweave cloth. Once you are able to travel to either Gadzetgan or Tanaris (in the same area) you will enjoy a plethora of MC there. However, it won’t be anywhere near the Gadzetgan town. In town you find a quest that requires you to find 30 little things called Ghaz’ridian ornaments.

These are in the open desert, but especially around deserted buildings that have been covered with sand. The reason we are telling you this is because you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Around these large areas are huge guys that look like they are dressed up in diapers and nothing else. The names vary, but you can’t miss them and they are all Ogres. Kill one of these and you could get a drop of Mageweave cloth ranging from 1-4 per person. Just keep in mind they range from level 45-49 and can be difficult to beat if you are a lower level.


Staying within the same location you can make your way to the Zul’Farrak dungeon. There plenty of quests available here, but you probably want to wait until you reach level 50 and bring along a few friends. Once here, you will come across tons of enemies ranging from crocodiles to the undead. These are the foes you are after that may drop a Mageweave cloth or two during your escapade. While this may be true, the real drops don’t come until you reach the Instance.

Razorfen Downs

Another Instance that seems to give you a substantial amount of cloth is the one in Razorfen Downs. However, we would put this at the lower scale of the spectrum considering the amount you can get in Gadzetgan and Tanaris. Here we have never received anymore than 2 Mageweave cloths dropped at the same time, which is only half of what you find in Zul’Farrak or Gadzetan and Tanaris. The good news is these enemies are at lower levels, so they can be defeated quicker.

Dunemaul Compound

While all of the places we described above can relinquish Mageweave, there hasn’t been a better place than Dunemaul Compound. Even though you will come across the same Ogres and Dunemaul Enforcers, they are the best MC drops in the area. Keep in mind this isn’t just because of the amount, but also the fact that their respawning rate is quick. Be careful though, some of them may respawn right behind you.

More Places Available

Honestly there is many other places that can drop a Mageweave cloth in the Gadzetgan area. Off the coast is a place where Buccaneers hide while building pirate ships. If you find the ones with white shirts on they usually drop Mageweave as well. This should be enough to keep you busy for quite a long time. In fact, if you just pick one it will be enough to farm there a few times a day. It all depends on the amount of time you want to spend on it.

Next Article Update

Since this ended up a little longer than expected, our next article will cover the best uses for Mageweave and how to properly make a lot of money from it. Having these tips will allow you to reach your Tailoring profession goals quicker, as well as keep you from worrying about gold when you need something now. It should be up soon so don’t miss your chance to gain an advantage over the competition.


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