WoW Help: Having the Upper Hand When Using Mageweave

Authored by Michael Grisso in Online Games
Published on 02-02-2009

If you find yourself with a large of amount of Mageweave in your bags, then there are several things you can do. Today we wanted to go over the two main uses for Mageweave. The first is for tailoring, which will string from level 190 to about 250. While many of you are just looking to level up your character’s skills for better items to wear, some of the items you start making will be worth selling in the auction house.

Below you will find various pieces of cloth that will help you build a stronger toon, as well as ones that sell well in the auction house. One thing to note is that you should download the Auctioneer add-on if you haven’t already. Like we’ve said before, this will help you gauge how much to sell an item for and if it cost more for the mats then the profit you would receive for selling it.

Dreamweave Gloves

When you make your way up the Tailoring board you will be able to make Dreamweave Gloves. In order to do it though you must have 4 Wildvine, 2 Heart of the Wild, 2 Heavy Silken Thread, and 4 Mageweave Cloth. Paying for everything you are probably looking around about 15-20 gold depending on the sellers out there in the Auction House. If you missed it though, we gave you a few locations where Mageweave can easily be gathered. This means you can end up spending about 10, and even less if your other profession is Herbalism. As of January 30th, 2009, the market price for Dreamweave Gloves is 27 gold.

Making Mageweave Bags

Even though you can make quite a mint from selling Mageweave Bags (currently about 4-5 gold per bag), you may want to make them for yourself. If they are still red in the Tailoring area, then you will already receive a skill point for each one you make. They are 12 slot bags which can be quite handy whether you put them in your pouch areas next to your action bar, or when you purchase more slots in your bank. Eventually you will find patterns for various colors, which garner a higher price.

Selling in the AH

If you have passed your essential need for Mageweave Cloth, then you might as well sell it in the Auction House. One thing to understand about the lower level Tailors is they try to hurry and reach the maximum skill level. This means they spend so much time on their profession that they reach levels over their own. So when they need Mageweave cloth there isn’t really anywhere to get it except the Auction House.

Most of the time MC is overpriced. However, if you have the Auctioneer add-on you can undercut your competition every single day. Then again, if your PC doesn’t take well to add-ons, then browse the Mageweave cloth section and figure out what others are selling it for each day. In the end you will not only get more money from your MC, but you will also have those same buyers coming back for more.


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