WoW Help: The Tome of Cabal

As a Warlock you offered various quests like the Tome of Cabal that other classes won’t have access to during their adventures. This quest alone can give you over 17,000 XP which will definitely help with faster level ups for your character. Oddly enough this is very simple, and the only issues we have with it is the time it takes to fly everywhere. However, that is a small sacrifice for what you gain. In the end you will be able to summon a Felhunter and add him or her to your collection.

The Moldy Tome

When you first hit the map and try to complete this quest, one of the books you will have to find is the Moldy Tome. All you need to do is travel to Southshore and pick it up along the coastline. Sure, there are plenty of different types of Murlocs there, but the levels are in the twenties and thirties. So at this point you should have no problems taking care of business here. A good tip however is to grab the “Slain” quest before you go. This way you can complete while quest while working on the Tome of Cabal.

The Tattered Manuscript

Honestly, it was a little irritating trying to figure out where the Tattered Manuscript was over in a Thousand Needles. After spending about 45 minutes going up and down the elevator and doing some extensive exploring, it ended up in a cave at the bottom of the elevator. Once you get off, just keep to the left side of the game and go down the trail. You will end up in a place called Splithoof Hold and as you run through the Centaurs, a cave will be on the left hand side right around their camp.

Now, all the levels of enemies here range from 24-28 so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Unless of course you are a level 20 and get mobbed. To keep this from happening just stick to the right hand side of the cave. You will only have to deal with the Centaurs one at a time until you run right into the waterfall. Right next to it is a Damaged Chest that contains the Tattered Manuscript. If you’re smart you should set your Hearthstone back to Ratchet, Barrens so things move along a little quicker.

Getting Frustrated? Get the 3 Rods of Channeling

So, you’ve finally received the Tattered Manuscript and you’re ready to receive the summoning spell for your Felhunter right? Well, think again. Once you return to Strahad Farsan, he sends you on another journey to look for the 3 Rods of Channeling. The reason you need these is so his Acolytes can hold them while you read the Tome of Cabal. The place to search for these are in the in the Wetlands.

You will have to look for the Dragonmaw Clan in order to get all of three of them. However, don’t head for the front of the Camp because it will take too long if you are a level 20-29. Instead, work your way around the mountains and hit the backside of the camp. You will know when you’re there because the first thing you will see is a camp. Here you will find about 10 Shadowrunners which can drop a Rod of Channeling. When you’re finished just head back to Ratchet again and speak with Strahan Farsan.

Summoning the Felhunter

After the time you have spent doing the rest, you are finally ready to summon the Felhunter. After talking with Strahan Farsan, he will gather all of his Acolytes in the hut and give each of them a Rod of Channeling. You can’t read the Tome of Cabal until you see the summoning blueprint on the ground which could be a minute or two. However, when you’re ready to read it, a Felhunter will appear that is a level 30. If you aren’t quite capable of fighting it, bring a friend along. Then once you’ve completed it, simply return to Strahan Farsan and you can complete the quest and gain your Felhunter.

Receiving XP

For the three parts we explained above you will receive a little over 17,000 XP. Collecting the Moldy Tome and Tattered Manuscript will give you 6,100. The 3 Rods of Channeling will garner 5,550 as well as The Binding where you defeat the Felhunter. So make sure to add this to your quests will your level allows for a easy transition. You can get it in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb, which is found in Stormwind city around the Mage Quarter.


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