Wrath of the Lich King Learning About Death Knight Unholy Talents

While the Blood and Frost Talents can definitely help you become one of the best Death Knights out there, it’s the Unholy Talents that intimidate everyone around you. The DK who masters all Unholy Talents will not only be hard to beat, he or she will be able to help out members of the guild as well. So there is no sense in waiting any longer. For the next few minutes we will be educating you on many Unholy Talents to help you along your new adventure.


Even though the Unholy traits are geared towards diseases, there are other benefits along the way. One of them is the Anticipation ability that allows you to have a greater increase of dodging melee attacks. Everyone wants to demolish their opponents and you will have a better chance of doing it if you use this ability. It’s nothing exciting, but an important part to your Death Knight’s abilities down the line. Hopefully you will use it and take advantage of this during battle.

Anti-Magic Zone

This is one of the coolest abilities underneath the Unholy Talent Tree. Once you release it there is a huge zone that is situated on the battle field. While you and players in your guild are in it you will notice that all spell damages will be reduced tremendously. We aren’t sure how long it lasts considering we tested it and there were different results each time. The only thing we do know for sure is that it either just ends, or has absorbed as much damage as possible.

Blood-Caked Blade

When you first use the Blood-Caked Blade ability you will want to keep it in your repertoire every time you play with your Death Knight. This set up will not only deal a great deal of weapon damage, but it will also utilize a small portion of some of your diseases as well. Put them all together and you will find yourself with a ridiculous amount of power wrapped up within your Death Knight. We do suggest though that you use this sparely. There are many others that can provide the help you need to defeat an enemy.

Bone Shield

Are you ready to feast your eyes upon the Bone Shield ability? The first time anyone uses this, they will be mesmerized by it’s undead appeal. We were debating on whether or not to give you a heads up on what this will look like, but it’s too much to pass up. Once the Bone Shield is released you will see tons of bones swirling around your character. The shield ends when you are out of bones since one is taken away everytime you perform an attack move.

Corpse Explosion

The Corpse Explosion ability is by far one of the most magnificent ploys to thrust upon your opponents. It takes a corpse that is nearby and makes it explode releasing damage on your enemies. All of it is through Shadow damage, which by now you know can be extremely lethal when used properly. While this is a great part of the Unholy Talents, it also has a minor flaw. So don’t expect it to affect any corpses that are either elemental or mechanical.

Crypt Fever

When you are building your Death Knight up to the ultimate character you will soon find out about the various diseases. As you continue to use them in battle you will eventually notice the Crypt Fever ability. When you utilize this tool you will be able to add more damage points on to the diseases that have been cast on the target. We love this one simply because many of the diseases already take away high damage amounts. Adding this will only help out that much more.


The graphics when you use the Desecration ability are sick. Anytime you want to slow down an enemy when attacking them you can use this in full force. Soon you will see various arms come up from the ground and grab hold of your opponents. This is the best time to strike so make sure you use a few critical strikes along the way. We can’t say enough about the Desecration spell, but after you see it for the first time we know you’ll enjoy the animations.


With all the cool Unholy Talents we’ve already produced for you, the Dirge ability doesn’t come close to comparing. To be honest there isn’t anything exciting about it at all. Dirge simply gives you more Runic Power on a few of your other abilities. There are four in all that include the Death, Plague, and Scourge Strikes as well as the Obliterate. Even though this isn’t flashy, it is definitely needed if you want to produce RP at a faster rate.

Ebon Plaguebringer

This crazy ability seems to do a little of everything. Whether you want to gain more resilience against magic or add to critical strikes then the Ebon Plaguebringer is your ticket. One thing to keep in mind is this starts out as Crypt Fever then transforms into Ebon Plaguebringer. You will need this as your Death Knight gets stronger and you take on tougher foes. We suggest making sure your RP is set to its highest point on this ability before you bother using it.


One thing you will notice when using many of the Unholy Talents is they don’t last long. In order to add a little duration for their effects on enemies you can use the Epidemic ability. Unfortunately it only works for Blood Plague and Frost Fever, so make sure you have those ready when you unleash your Epidemic on those around you. As of now there isn’t anything it helps regarding other Unholy Talents, but with all the updates that come out, Blizzard may find a way eventually.


Listen, we love the Unholy Talents because the diseases can continue to hurt your opponent well after you are finished with any melee attacks. This being said the Impurity ability helps your spells out tremendously. If you have a large amount of attack power and release this ability on an enemy your spells will gain a huge benefit from it all. Sometimes if an enemy seems to be too much for you, this can give you more power behind your spells.

Magic Suppression

First of all if you happen to miss the Anti-Magic Zone ability, be sure to go back and read it. The Magic Suppression ability gives off many benefits that can help you against those who love throwing magic spells at you. If taking less damage from opponents magic wasn’t enough, you will also be able to combine this with your AMZ. Once this happens the Zone will absorb more magic then before and will end up lasting much longer then previously.

Master of Ghouls

When you become a Death Knight, one of your main goals should be utilizing Ghouls whenever you can. Whether you summon a Ghoul or several with the Army of the Dead ability, the Master of Ghouls gives you the opportunity to have an unlimited pet. See, when you normally summon a pet from the dead you only have a certain amount of time before it dies off. When using this there won’t be any time constraints when trying to use a Ghoul and take on your enemies.


Sometimes it can get quite irritating waiting on something to cooldown. This is where Morbidity comes in to help against those tough enemies with faster speeds. When you use Morbidity you will find that your Death and Decay will have a shorter cooldown time. Then of course the Death Coil ability has more damage and healing points added to it. So if you use either of those abilities, make sure you add the Morbidity to the Death Knight list of actions.


Anyone who enjoys the toll Shadow damage takes on its opponents will love the Necrosis ability. While this is another one of those Talents that aren’t considered flashy, it definitely has a purpose in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack. Make sure you have this available because the Necrosis actually gives you more Shadow damage on your auto attacks. You may need it at the last minute so we always like to keep in handy just in case.

Night of the Dead

Oh boy if you love the Army of the Dead summoning ability, you will want to have the Night of the Dead right in front of you at all times. The AD is something that takes an extremely long time to cool down because it brings up several corpses from the dead. Once you add the Night of the Dead ability to the list then you will be able to make it cooldown faster. This will be smart to use when you are trying to raid cities on your own with the AD summoning spell.

On a Pale Horse

While this will not add on to any other movement speed increases, it will make you as fast as anyone out there. The On a Pale Horse ability enables you to do more then just go faster though. It also can create a reduced method on spells like Stun and Fear that are being used against you. By now you have probably seen your other characters try to take on these spells and they both made things a little more difficult. However, when you use OPH you will be able to counteract it quite well.


While we would love to tell you that the Outbreak ability spreads disease throughout the land and gives everyone problems, we just cannot. While this is unfortunate, you will be able to add to your total damage on a few different abilities from other Presences. There are three of them in all; the Blood Boil, Pestilence, and Plague Strike. So if you use those abilities an ample amount of time make sure you keep the Outbreak ability handy. You never know when you will need it next.

Rage of Rivendare

This is a great combination tool if you like to thrust Blood Plague on your enemies. When used properly it can help you add more damage to your foes, but they have to already have the Blood Plague infecting their bodies. Plus if you are looking to gain more expertise after each battle then you will want to use this as well. Both components can make this a great attribute to your Death Knight’s game. The combination is something many people haven’t even used yet.

Ravenous Dead

We consider the Ravenous Dead ability to be another great use on our list. The biggest reason is because we enjoy using Ghouls with our Death Knight. If you do as well, then make sure you use this from time to time. It will add to the strength and stamina for the life of your Ghoul. Plus, when you are in battle it will actually improve your strength as well. While we don’t know the exact numbers involved, we do know you will find this a great benefit if you Raise the Dead.


The Reaping ability is one of those that can be a little confusing. If you don’t have enough knowledge about Runes, we suggest learning a little more about them before taking on this ability in battle. For those of you who feel you’re experts then having this at maximum power will give you the opportunity to possibly chance a Blood Rune into a Death Rune. However you must attack with either a Blood Strike or Blood Boil for the Reaping ability to take effect. Then again there are no guarantees.

9 More to Go

Yes, there are still nine other Unholy Talents available for your Death Knight to take advantage of throughout the game. Below you will find a list of the rest of them:

  • Scourge Strike
  • Shadow of Death
  • Summon Gargoyle
  • Unholy Aura
  • Unholy Blight
  • Unholy Command
  • Vicious Strikes
  • Virulence
  • Wandering Plague

We will let you take the time to learn these along the way. If you want a sneak peak then simply click on your Talent Tree box at the bottom of the screen. When you bring it up, there will be boxes at the bottom of it that say Blood, Frost and Unholy. Just make sure you click the Unholy one and you should be good to go. So get out there and start getting these abilities. You won’t be able to do without them when you get used to each one.


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