Wrist Tattoos for Girls


Authored by Rob Clarke in Body Arts 
Published on 06-14-2009

In recent years, tattoos have become more and more popular. Having a tattoo is becoming more socially acceptable and the demand for inking in recent years has risen exceptionally. The demand among women has grown in particular, with tattoos no longer being seen as just a masculine pursuit. One of the most popular places that girls choose to get tattooed is on their wrist. We will take a look at the reason for this popularity and the different options available for women who wish to get inked.

The wrist is a part of your body that is both visible and tasteful. It’s also considered to be quite feminine. While the location works for both men and women, it’s especially suited to accentuate the female body in a way that a tattoo on the arm or back might not. There are a few drawbacks, however. If you work somewhere that doesn’t allow visible tattoos, you might find yourself having to wear sleeves all day depending on the size of your ink! The wrist is also considered one of the more painful areas to have a tattoo due to the lack of muscle and fat which normally cushions the needles. Wrist tattoos can also take slightly longer to heal and require a higher level of initial maintenance.

Wrist Tattoos have become increasingly popular with celebrities so you could look to them for some inspiration. Celebrities sporting wrist tattoos include Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Brittany Spears and Nicole Ritchie. Many celebrities have taken to getting tattoos on both their left and right wrists -something that is becoming more and more popular.

If you’re not into emulating celebrities and want something totally original, there are a few things you could consider. The size of the wrist means that anything too complicated should be ruled out. A common mistake with wrist tattoos is that people try to fit too much in and they become messy. Picked correctly, a simple word or one symbol can say a lot more than a massive picture. If you get a small tattoo you’ll also find it easier to cover with a bracelet or a wristwatch if the need arises.

The three main types of wrist tattoo all have their own meanings and advantages. The most common is an inner wrist tattoo. These are easier to hide than any other design on the wrist, yet still very visible when you want them to be. Also popular is a wristband style that encircles your entire wrist. For women, these chains often include links of Celtic symbols or flowers. The most daring is a top wrist tattoo due their high visibility. These are often combined with tattoos that begin to reach onto the hand and aren’t as common amongst women.

The content of wrist tattoos varies widely. Popular designs for women include stars, kanji, hearts and text. Because of their visibility, it’s common for people to choose something original that makes a strong but silent statement about their personality. Many people who decide to get tattoos on both wrists combine their designs so they are either very similar or the exact opposite, playing to the symmetry of the human body.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’ll be comfortable with the entire process, from the inking right down to how often you’ll have your tattoo on display. Recent research suggests a quarter of people who get tattoos will eventually regret their decision. Make sure you’re totally certain about not only the design and the artist, but with the idea of a tattoo itself before you set foot into a parlour.


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