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Wrist watch, men's honour and pleasure

  • By Jackie Louis
  • Published 03/3/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Wrist watch, just as women’s bracelet, necklace and ear pendants, is men’s jewellery. So having a famous-brand wrist watch can also bring honour and pleasure to men.Wrist watch is not only a timekeeping tool but also the symbol of fashion and reputation. It should be regarded as an important investment, not changing with seasons and totally different from sandy T-shirt and tartan pants. Choosing a discerning wrist watch, you will present another amorous feeling. Everlasting top grade — Rolex Rolex, famous for its excellent quality and exquisite workmanship, is a complex of honour, elegance and unique temperament. Its ripping methods are provided by the headquarter of Switzerland, including craftsmanship, inset-diamond handicraft. Originally, the symbol of Rolex is a stretching palm, representing it is carved by hand. Gradually, it evolved as registered trademark of imperial crown to manifest its powerful position in the field of the watch. In international market, the price of a common Rolex is from $1,000 to $15,000. People still scramble for it and believe it is good value for money, although it is costly. It is not only the superior quality but its unique investment value. Rolex has four styles: Explorer, Submariner, GMT Master and Cosmograph. First choice — Patek Philippe Here is a classical slogen: No one can possess Patek Philippe, just as storage for younger generations. The company of Patek Philippe has a hard and fast limitation of the output. The number of each style will not surpass 10,000. From the foundation of the company till now, the total output is only 600,000 in one and half century. So Patek Philippe is well worth keeping and has maintenance of value. At present, Patek Philippe is still the only one adopted manual refinement and completed the whole technological process in their own factory. It sticks to the traditional craft of horologe, compositing stylist, horologist, goldsmith, the master of watch chain, sculpsit, porcelain painter and jeweller. It firmly believes the watch made by those people must be the unique treasure, which is the characteristic they are proud of. .



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