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Wrist watch the symbol of status

  • By rachel Agee
  • Published 12/19/2010
  • Article Writing

In  recent years, a lot of people think that smoking or drinking is very  handsome for man. But I think that wearing delicate wrist watches is a  kind of taste. Wrist watch is the symbol of man’s status. Wrist watch means a punctual gentleman. Wrist watch means a fashionable gentleman. As a result, many famous men are connected with wrist watch.   Arnold  Schwarzenegger is a famous movie star. He once wore Audemars Piguet  watch in the movie. He stood for the justice against the evils. The  watch was the symbol. The watch stood for his status. Simple and  generous design showed the charms of a famous movie star.   Watch of  famous brand is always the famous people’s choice, especially the  president. Let’s see the following two presidents. The wrist watches are  like parts of their lives. They believe that famous watch is the symbol  of man’s status.   Putin,  the ex-presidant of Russa, loves wrist watches very much. He has a  special habbit that he wears wrist watch in his right hand. Blancpain  watch was his favourite. He sent his Blancpain watch to a lucky worker  in a visit to a small factory. A small wrist watch showed the  president’s generosity and established the president’s image.   Obama is  many women’s idol. He is very charming and attractive. TAG heuer watch  is his favourite. He often attends important occasions with TAG heuer  watch. Famous watch suits famous person well. Obama is the famous person  who deserves a delicate famous wrist watch. However, famous watch is  not just for the famous people. Anybody in the world can wear a famous  watch and he will surely be gorgeous.   Wrist  watch is the symbol of man’s status. It makes man more charming and  attractive. Women love those who understand tasty life and wrist watch  will make a man a tasty man.


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