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Write and Wipe Dry Erase Clear Pockets


A few weeks ago I mentioned these cool Write and Wipe Dry Erase Pockets because they were on sale for about 66% off (via Amazon) their normal price.  Unfortunately they are back to their normal price now but I still wanted to share some of my thoughts on them with you.


Each package of Write and Wipe Dry Erase Clear Pockets comes with 5 different clear pockets with different color cloth borders.  The colors they come in are red, purple, green, turquoise, and orange.  Each pocket measures 10 inches wide by 14 inches high, has a metal grommet in the top left corner for hanging, and an elastic loop on the top center for holding a marker.  The package also comes with 5 small dry erase markers with erasers built into the caps.  The caps on the dry erase markers were a little quick to fall off if you write with them posted, but I’m not sure that makes a big deal here.


In order to use the Write and Wipe Dry Erase Clear Pockets, you simply slip in a sheet of 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper that has some worksheet pre-printed on it, such as the coin counting lesson I’ve used for this example.  The sheet was a little tricky to slide in due to the static electricity between the two layers of clear dry erase material that make up the pockets.  Also keep in mind I use a fairly heavy stock of printer paper too, which probably made it easier for me than if I was using standard copy paper that a teacher or educational professional would.  It wasn’t a terrible experience but it did take more than just a few seconds to get it in there and have it reasonably straight.


As you can see, writing on the pocket with the provided dry erase markers yielded great results.  I was worried that maybe the dry erase marker on the clear surface would have a weak or streaky appearance, but it looks just like you are writing on the paper with a good black marker.  Hopefully I didn’t mess up any of my math above, that would be pretty embarrassing considering this is a first grade level math teaching tool.   Erasing the dry erase markers on the clear pocket was simple, clean, and easy.  The only thing that was really left behind on the pockets was some of the dust that seemed to be picked up by the static cling that these generate.


In this picture you can see some of that dust that accumulates rather easily from the static cling, but you can also pick out something that is probably a little more noteworthy.  I was a bit disappointed that the one orange dry erase clear pocket had the stitching for one of the sides mostly coming out.  Pulling it would only make it worse so I’d probably have to just cut it off, but considering these are meant to be used in a classroom setting, likely with not such gentle use, I’d expect a little more quality in the construction so they can hold up.  Anyway, these obviously serve a pretty unique purpose, so if you are looking for a way to reduce waste by reusing worksheets, these dry erase clear pockets f (via Amazon) are a great tool.

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