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Write Articles That Give, Give, Give

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 06/13/2008
  • Article Writing

It’s better to give than to receive. That’s especially true in article writing because primarily that is what your readers want; “to get.” They want you to give them useful information, and lots of it. When you are seeking to connect with your targeted niche, you can do it a lot faster by giving them interesting information. Every time a reader happens upon one of your articles, online or in a newsletter, they will only get past the first paragraph if you grab their attention. Then after that, you have to keep the content interesting and relevant to their situation. When a reader sees content presented in an interesting way and knows it is going to help them, they keep reading. They keep reading and hopefully at the end of their reading desire to learn more about you and your affiliate product. What kind of information sparks the interest of a reader from your niche market? It’s information that speaks to their needs and wants. When you write an article on a topic related to your affiliate product it has to have content that answers questions. A reader may be reading your article and find a nugget of information that answers a gnawing concern they had. They feel relieved that you were able to provide them with this information. They now feel you are a trustworthy information source to refer to again. A reader that links back to your website is now more open to buying your affiliate product, at least somewhat. You now have an easier job of getting them to connect with your product. All of this because, you gave them what they came looking for, which was useful information. If the information in your original article were not interesting to them, the connection would not have happened. They would have clicked away to somewhere else in cyberspace, or put that newsletter down.

Your interesting article content needs to capture the imagination of your reader. With consumers bombarded with information these days you have to grab hold of their mind with something that can help them. Lights, bells

, whistles, flashing signs, and content on TV, the web, and radio come at people from all directions. So much of it is fluff that seeks to sell and not inform. It is content, messages, and visuals meant to titillate, not illuminate the mind. When a reader comes across your content and sees it not as sales-hype but meaty information they can grab hold of they love it. Finally, someone is offering them substance that they can put to practical use. When you are the affiliate marketer offering that substance, you make a connection with your niche market. This target group knows they have useful information from someone who shares their interests on the same level they do. Give your target niche market focused information that teaches them something new and they will crave more of the same from you. Consumers know boring, irrelevant content when they see it; they sense the “big sell”, with no concern for their wants and needs. When they sense this, they stop any connection from happening with the content provider. Why is this? Because they feel the provider does not have their best interests at heart. They know they are only a “cha-ching” to this internet marketer. However, when a reader of one of your articles senses a solution to their wants and needs in your content they get excited. They no longer have to search for the answers to their questions and their concerns. They are now ready to explore your website and product. Your connection has opened the door to a dialogue with them. They will seek even more information; this information is the pre-sell to the product that will fulfill their wants and needs. In essence, your interesting information helped provide a solution and your interesting affiliate product will further do so.

Always give your targeted niche the information they require in an interesting way. Make them want to learn more about the topic they’re reading. Make them want to learn more about you through a click back to your website. Make them want to learn more about your affiliate product once they’re on your site. Be that interesting source of information for your niche market, from article content right down to the affiliate product itself.



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