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Write “Call to Action” Articles to Get Your Readers Clicking

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 06/20/2008
  • Article Writing

Readers of online articles are seeking solutions to problems. They want relevant practical information so they can make a decision about something. That decision may be to buy a product, try a service, or just a decision to seek more information before they make a final decision. Your article content has to inspire a reader to action. It has to inspire them to click through to your affiliate site where they fine the solution to their situation or problem. A “call to action” article is one that presents information in a logical manner that causes a reader to do something. This logical progression of information can lead to a click through from the article to your website. In essence, that is the kind of action desired by affiliate marketers. You want a reader to connect with you through the article. You want them so intrigued by your content that they seek to learn more. You have to interest them to the point where they want to take action to get the rest of the information they need. That information is on your website where you can begin the actual selling process. Everything prior to the click through to your site is pre-selling. How do you get a reader to take the action you desire? You do it by defining a particular problem they can relate to on their terms. You then get them antsy about a solution to that problem. You let them know how your solution can save them time, money, and effort. You show them what rewards they can gain from the solution. When you provide all of this to a reader in your articles, they will seek you out continually. They have to; you are a provider of solutions; why would they continue to look elsewhere when you’re the answer. You just provide enough good, timely, relevant information in your article to drive them to your site where they can complete their quest.

Let’s pretend your affiliate product is high quality, espresso-cappuccino machines. Yo

u know the kind. They make creamy espresso coffee and ultra-frothy cappuccinos. You know your affiliate model is top-of-the-line. You know there are many counterfeits per se on the market posing as high quality machines. You know consumers get frustrated when they fork out money for a machine that promises great coffee concoctions but delivers used dishwater type results. There’s your article. Your article about espresso-cappuccino machines will focus on what makes a great coffee beverage of those types. It will not be a sales letter promoting your product. It will be a quality informational article. It will have lots of info about kinds of machines that will give them the coffee results they desire. You will show them in your article why inferior machines cannot produce the results they want. You will point out to them that it’s a waste of money to purchase those types of machines. You will also point out that the time taken to prepare a cup with less-than-spectacular results is a waste of their time and energy. You will then propose a solution in your article. You will tell them that only high-quality machines with certain features can produce the taste, creaminess, and frothiness desired in espressos and cappuccinos. Of course, these are all features of your affiliate product. However, remember, you’re not publicizing your product in the article. You’re just stating what quality machines consist of. At the end of the article will be links back to where you and your affiliate product are. Where do you think the reader who found a solution to the problem of dishwater espresso and cappuccino is going to go? He or she is heading your way because of your intelligent, logical article.

Define a problem in your articles, and then get readers interested in a solution to the problem. Show them where they can find a solution that will save them money, time and effort. Make your article flow in an interesting way so that they enjoy reading it. Have your links in place. Then pour yourself an espresso or cappuccino, and watch the traffic and sales come your way.



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