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Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens


Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens in the Package

So it took a while to get these Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens sent to me via Amazon due to some mixups, but I finally got them with the help of Amazon’s fantastic customer service.  These are 1.omm gel ink pens that come in 8 colors and each color has tiny flecks of metallic sparkly material in them, which seems to be pretty popular as of late.


Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Orange Pen Body

Visually the bodies on these pens look pretty nice, but I have to say that they have a rather cheap feel to them.  The caps do not post or close with any sort of reassuring sound or physical feedback, and the silvery looking nose cone on the end of the pen is actually just plastic.  They don’t feel like they are going to fall apart, but they also don’t feel like they have a very solidly put together body.


The Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pen Uncapped and Posted

The grips on the Write Dudes Supergel Metallic pens are pretty comfortable and do a good job of providing some extra traction while writing, and overall whether you have the cap posted or not, these are nicely balanced in your hand when you are writing with them.


Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens Writing Sample White Paper

As you can see above in the writing sample on white paper, most of the colors are pretty vibrant and bold.  The two exceptions to this though are that the orange is a bit more rusty and the gold looks somewhat muddy to me.  The pens all write fairly smoothly, although this may be in part attributable to the larger 1.0mm tips since any pen with a tip that large is usually going to write pretty smoothly.  For the most part there was no significant splotching, and skipping with these was non-existent.


The Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens Writing Sample Black Paper

I think that writing on black paper is always going to lead to some challenges, but you can see in the scan above that the Write Dudes Supergel Metallic Pens actually performed fairly well.  Its hard to pick up the exact color of the pen, but you can definitely catch hints of the appropriate shade, and a decent amount of metallic highlighting.

Overall the Write Dudes Supergel metallic Pens are not the best pens we have ever tested here, but they are fair enough and get the job done in their own unique way.  With all of the metallic pens out there now though, I think we should do a head to head comparison to see which ones truly outshine the others.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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