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Write on the Table with Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth


Write on the Table with Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth

Today we have a review of the Doodle by Stitch Writable and Washable Tablecloth that we gave away to one of our lucky readers.  That reader was Patrick Kansa.  Patrick was kind enough to have his family write on the table for us to get a better look at this product.

Here is Patrick’s bio before we hear his perspective on the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth:

When it comes to writing implements, I’ve had a tempestuous relationship with them, mostly owing to being a lefty. Thankfully, the advent of fast-drying gel inks have re-opened that world to some degree.

Along with an interest in pens and pencils, I’m fascinated by wristwatches – on that topic, you can find me writing over at WristWatchReview and aBlogtoWatch. If you’d prefer something that’s a little less “stuff” oriented, but still just as hands on, you can see my articles on my parenting experiences over at Engaged Marriage.

Now lets write on the table with Patrick and the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth

When I first got word that we were selected to do the guest review of the Stitch Doodle Tablecloth, I was fairly certain that my daughter was going to like it – what I wasn’t expecting was how much the adults ended up enjoying it!


Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth Laid Out Without Writing

For our first outing with it, I got it out one morning before breakfast (and before anyone else was up), and my daughter set to getting it nice and doodled upon. At times, she’ll want to set out name cards or placemats so everyone knows where to sit. With this tablecloth, she just set to writing out names, and adding a little drawing or two to go with it. So, that was big hit number one.


The Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth and the Artist Hard at Work

Number two came along as soon as we cleared the breakfast dishes – my wife, father-in-law, and daughter all set to further decorating the cloth. While kids seem to be a bit more free-form with what they do, adults drift more towards using the graph paper pattern as a guide, either creating an 8-bit looking sort of drawing, or, as we saw in our houses, many and varied checkerboard patterns.


Doodle by Stitch Marker Tips

Whatever it is you want to draw, you do have flexibility with the included washable fabric markers.  In the included package, you have ten different colors, and each marker has two tips – one wide point, and one fine point.  Given that it’s cloth you’re drawing on, the wide point was much easier to use – but the fine point can give you some greater control, if you’re looking for that.


Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth Close Up for Dad

The third bit hit came along with the washability.  With anything like this, you’re never quite sure how well it will truly wash.  However, we had a little foreshadowing when we spilled some water, and that part of the tablecloth turn into an experiment in capillary action – as well as making things look a little watercolor-like (note:  we may have to try playing with watercolor brushes and these markers).


Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth Close Up for Mom

Suffice to say, that was good foreshadowing.  The tablecloth came out of the wash looking like it was brand new.  It wasn’t wrinklefree, by any means, but you could easily smooth the cotton out with an iron.  Or, do as we did, and get it on the table in a hurry for the next round of artwork.


Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth 8-Bit Style Art

That got the stage set for when we had some friends over, along with their son.  We kept it a bit of a surprise from him as to what we’d do to the table after dinner – and he was very happily surprised that he actually got to draw all over a table.  And, once again, the adults got into the drawing just as much as the kids did.


Doodle by Stitch Close Up Patchwork

Overall, we really enjoyed having this tablecloth out.  It was especially handy in those remaining minutes before you’re ready to sit down to dinner.  Invariably, our daughter is at the table ready to dig in.  So, while we finished up in the kitchen, she was able to do some additional drawing, which kept her occupied and happy until everything was ready.


Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth Bird

Sure, you’re probably not going to have this out along with your china and crystal, but for everyday use, it’s a fun diversion from what you might otherwise put on the table – especially when kids are at the table. Frankly, I think this one will be in heavy rotation with our kids, and I’m curious to check out some of their other products as well. I’d definitely recommend this product – as the commercial said, “kid tested, mother approved”!

As an aside, I have a feeling that the extra set of markers for $10 (Amazon) may be a good purchase, as may be the the set of four placemat and a set of markers (Amazon $24).


Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth Masterpiece

So there you have it.  An expert reviewer like Patrick and his family give this a big thumbs up in terms of it being very enjoyable for the kids, and even the adults.  Thanks to Patrick for letting your family write on the table for us for this very well done Doodle by Stitch Writable and Washable Tablecloth review.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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