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Write Your Book Introduction as Sales Tool

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 01/31/2009
  • Writing

Is your book introduction designed to seal the sale? Probably not; many open a book to read, see an introduction, yawn, think boring and turn the page. Why, because authors, including myself, have treated the introduction as only a ‘why I wrote the book’ page. Most people don’t care as much about ‘why you wrote the book’ as they do about ‘how your book can help them.’ Here’s a refreshing twist to the old boring book introduction. Write your next book introduction as a sales tool. Include all the same elements but add benefits that engage your reader. Show your reader what they’ll get if they follow the instructions in the book and just importantly let them know where they’ll end up if they don’t. Describe the increased finances, the better health or the healthy relationships. Think about it; people want to know most how your book will help them, teach them and inspire them. Continue to hook your potential readers with a sizzling title and back cover. Now take the next step to seal the sale with your book introduction. Write it as a short note to your readers engaging them with the benefits they will receive. To write your book introduction as a sizzling sales tool, it must include the following: 1. Hook. Use the same element journalist and professional writers use, the hook. Develop your hook from a shocking fact, statistic or relevant quote. Even better, solve your audience’s top challenge. Answer their top question, “Why should I buy your book?” Make your opening statements short but enticing.

2. Connection. Seek to connect with your audience in your introduction. Describe your audience’s chal

lenge. Describe where they are now and why they haven’t succeeded yet. Mention why you wrote the book. End the paragraph with a general statement about how your book will benefit them (thesis statement). 3. Benefits. In the following paragraphs, keep answering the foremost question in your potential readers’ mind, “Why should I buy your book?” Continue to engage them with the overall benefits of increased communication, good fortune, finances or health. Sprinkle in some specific benefits. For example, an author friend of mine writes in, “‘Article Speedway’ Discover how to write short easy articles fast and put your internet marketing in the fast lane to sales.” 4. Format. Every good non-fiction book should display a format to give the audience an idea of what to expect inside. The table of contents offer a general format and direction. In your book introduction include what features will help your audience in each chapter. For example, most chapter formats include a hook, thesis followed by how tos, tips, engagement tools, story then summary. 5. Invitation. Summarize with 1-2 sentences. Include an enthusiastic invitation to read the book. For example, one of my favorite authors invites her readers into the text with a warm, “Come journey with me through”

If you don’t use the above principles, you may never enjoy the level of sales your book deserves. On the other hand, write a sizzling introduction with the hook, the connection, the benefits, the format, the invitation and fill your readers with expectation of what your book can do for them. Get this right and expect them to pull out their card, swipe and purchase your book on the spot. Now go ahead sizzle your introduction and sell more books than you could ask, dream or think.



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