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Writing a Book Made Easy

  • By Caterina Christakos
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Fiction

Writing a book may seem like an overwhelming task but it can be quite easy once you take the pressure off of yourself. This book does not have to be written a day or a week. There is no pressure other than what you put on yourself. And there is no sense of failure other than what you allow. Let me explain. Life is full of choices. You can choose to write a book in a day thereby frying your nerves to a frazzle or you can set a more reasonable time period. You can choose to put your work in front of major publishing houses or you can go the self publishing route. You can allow your doubts to grab hold of you or you can realize that your toughest critic will always be yourself. That is the life of a writer.

Insecure about your writing skills ? That is what editors are for. You can hire a freelance editor on elance.com or guru.com before you ever submit your book. In fact you should do that if you want to be taken seriously. Insecure about your writing style? No two writers are the same. That is what keeps literature interesting. J. K Rowling and

Shakespeare have absolutely nothing in common when it comes to writing styles and yet they are both internationally acclaimed authors. Books in general should follow a formula but the writer’s voice should come through loud and clear. Children’s stories, for example, usually pit good against evil with the good guy winning in the end. That is the formula for success in that niche and yet there are hundreds of stories with different characters and details. Study the formula for your niche and then apply your own style and creativity to it. If they love it wonderful. If they hate it. Oh well. Many a best selling author has been rejected in their early endeavors. The ones who become famous are the ones who persist. Stop writing for the editors and publishers and critics. Write for the sheer pleasure of creating worlds and your life will be richer. The fame and fortune can come with patience, dedication and above all some good marketing and pr but there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the feel of putting pen to paper today.

Remember that writing a book can be as easy or difficult as you make it. The choice is yours.



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