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Writing a College Essay is Easy

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 07/16/2008
  • Writing

Writing essays for college is a big part of the education process. There are certain skills that need to be applied when writing college essays and we will go over some of them here. Choosing the topic for your college essay is probably the most important decision in the essay writing process. After all, this is the essay that needs to show your capabilities and your abilities in that chosen subject. Your chosen subject for your essay should also be able to show your creativity, your mental processes, your reasoning skills, and your ability to show organizational skills and your English skills. You should always pick a subject that your proficient in. there is no point picking an essay type that you have no knowledge of. Would you pick a science subject if you know little about science? Or would you pick a Shakespeare book to write about if you have never picked up Shakespeare in your life? You need to show your strengths and your abilities within your chosen essay, so, never pick a subject that is your weakness rather than your strength. There are a few things you need to do within your essay for potential colleges. The essay should always prove at least one point or a particular thesis. Going into too many subjects within one essay may be too complicated and difficult to read unless of course you can bring all of those points and theories together perfectly. The essay has to show who you are and what your values are, so try to keep the essay rich with content and not overdone. You have to be able to develop your ideas for your college essays specifically and theoretically. Make real and specific quotations if needed, points of view that are explained, real events and facts and so on. Instead of following the normal clichs, use rich content that is specific rather than general. Some college essays can end up sounding like a resume rather than an actual essay. Avoid this by never duplicating information that can be found in your college application. Also, another good point to remember is this; don’t use 100 words when you can say what needs to be said in only 5. Write the essay first, go through it again and eliminate all the words or unnecessary parts that don’t need to be there. If you can, get someone you know who is proficient in English skills to proofread what you have written. Proofread it yourself first, then pass it on to someone else to read. They may be able to point out parts that maybe don’t make sense or have been repeated. Some writers find it difficult to see certain mistakes as they read what they think has been written and not what is actually on the page. That is why someone else can be a godsend when it comes to reading what you have written.

Some of the best college essays are those that are different from the normal essay the readers see. Many colleges say that they read lots of essays about how much value a doctor can bring to society, how they want to eradicate terrorism and so on. Why not think outside the box and write something that no one will have ever read before. Be careful when being controversial as it could sometimes work against you.



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