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Writing A Press Release To Promote Your Business: Some Pointers

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 03/13/2011
  • Writing

Before learning about the basics of writing a press release or news release writing tips, you should first learn what a press-release is. It can actually be considered a tool that helps promote your business and in turn can also increase site traffic. It is an announcement or a statement published online, in newspapers, and the like, that speaks about how a company, a product, a service, or an event is newsworthy. Do you feel nervous about creating statements about your biz, service, or product that you wish to publish over the Web? Your nerves will be calmed down after you read the tips and tricks of writing a press release discussed below: Business Letterhead or Stationery With Your Logo One of the very first news release writing tips you should bear in mind is to use your company’s letter head, or at least write the release on stationery that has your business’ logo or name on it. This makes the announcement look credible and professional, and it also is a good technique to promote your business. The words: ‘PRESS RELEASE’ should be in all caps and should be in bold font, position: in the center. At the top of the page, remember to list the name of your biz, your site’s URL, business address, and your office contact numbers. Remember to include the contact person’s name on the press-release as well. The Title

To increase site traffic, you also have to

come up with a brief but attention grabbing title for your release. Journalists should be interested to read your announcement for them to write about it, endorse it, and so forth. A good title is important when writing a press release, as that will motivate people to read your whole statement. What’s the use of your news-release if the people do not finish reading it? The Content Included in news release writing tips that enable you to promote your business well is to come up with content that’s interesting, accurate, and helpful. The body of your release should answer the following questions: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. The PR’s first paragraph should discuss briefly on what the announcement is about. The next paragraph should explain who actually cares about the information, why the reader should care, too, when the event will happen (if any), or where to find it (product or service), etc. It is also recommended that you include a quote in the second paragraph that can help increase site traffic as well as gives your statement a personal feel that most journalists love. The last paragraph is the summary of your PR and additional information about your biz.

Writing a press release need not be a task you should fear. As long as you follow these rules and news release writing tips, producing press-releases becomes second nature, and will really aid you in your goal to promote your business and build traffic to your web site. Try making a press-release today and observe what it can do for your biz.



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