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Writing An eBook Instead Of SelfPublishing A Traditional Book

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 08/21/2008
  • Writing

Writing eBooks is a way to make money online without having the pressure of dealing with editors, publishers, or deadline. You can write in a leisurely fashion from home or wherever you happen to be, and sell your eBooks through your website or blog. Thousands of people have been doing this for several years now, and enjoying a stress-free life that is also financially rewarding. If you are tired of sending out book proposals, speaking to your local service organizations to try to make connections, and considering spending a few thousand dollars on self-publishing, here are some suggestions on how to have your eBook ready to sell in just a few short weeks. 1 – Use the outline you have written for your traditional book and make sure it is both complete, and organized in a logical and sequential manner. If your book is already written, just read through it to make sure it is exactly the way you want it.

2 – Write an eBook of approximately sixty to one hundred pages, dividing it into 6 to 10 chapters. The format is almost identical as that of a traditional book. You can also include pictures and drawings, but give each one its own page. This will be helpful to those wh

o wish to print out your writing, but do not want to use paper and ink for any type of photographs or other illustrations. 3 – Convert it to PDF (portable document format) using Adobe Acrobat. Set your security settings so that the eBook can be printed, but not copied or changed in any way. 4 – Write a one page sales letter in which you describe the benefits of your material and tell your prospect why they should purchase your eBook. This sales letter must persuade the reader to buy from you immediately. 5 – Allow the purchasers to download the eBook immediately after they pay for their purchase. You will also have their name and email address so that you can stay in touch with them after the purchase. Remember that you can sell an eBook for much more than a traditional or self-published book, primarily because of the ability to deliver the information within minutes. Your eBook may sell for twenty to forty dollars, whereas your profit from a published book will generally be less than two dollars for each book.

You can promote your eBook by writing and submitting articles to the article directories, blogging regularly on your topic, and taking advantage of various social media sites, such as Facebook, Plurk, and Twitter.



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