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Writing An eBook That Falls Into One Of The 6 Most Popular Categories

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 08/21/2008
  • Writing

Ebooks come in all types and sizes, but they tend to be based in one of six categories. How-to eBooks tend to do very well, but people are actively searching for additional information in each of these categories on a regular basis. Depending on your interests and level of knowledge and expertise, you may want to take a look at which category your eBook will fall into. This will help you to determine the exact needs of your target market. Here are the six major categories of eBooks that are the most popular on the internet. 1 – Business and Money-Making – This category has to do with helping people to start a business or make money doing something that you know how to do. Perhaps you have been in a career for a number of years or have owned a part-time business. You have specialized knowledge that can be valuable for others who are interested in doing something similar to make money. Even if you are no longer actively involved in this type of career or business, you still have the ability to write about your experience and share it with other people. 2 – Health, Well-being, and Fitness – If you have survived an illness, are currently dealing with a life-threatening disease, or have achieved results in an area related to health, your experience will be of interest to others. Even if it is not you that has

gone through the experience, but someone close to you instea

d, many people will want to know exactly what you know that will be helpful and beneficial to them and their situation. 3 – Hobbies, Sports, Collectibles, and Recreation -Anything you can imagine that someone might be interested in, this is the category where it will probably go. Some examples are scrapbooking, hang gliding, model trains, and tennis. The more specific you can be about your topic, the more interested the people will be who are also looking for information on the internet. 4 – Politics, Religion, and Society – Again, these are areas where people can become quite involved. This is also a difficult category to monetize many times, because of the large quantity of information available online for free. Make sure your information is relevant and will give the reader beneficial information. 5 – Self-improvement – This category is becoming more popular as people become more aware of what is available to them. Sharing your own experiences and success will help you to become well known in this arena. 6 – Family and Relationships – Anything to do with interpersonal relationships falls under this category. You can write your own ticket if you are a coach or consultant, or simply want to help others in the area that you choose to specialize in.

Spend some time thinking about how your eBook will fall into one of these categories. Then do your research and begin writing. You will be on your way to building a successful and profitable online business.


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by Connie Ragen Green



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