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Writing An eBook To SelfPublish Or Publish Traditionally

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 08/25/2008
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Writing and publishing your book in eBook form does not mean that you cannot also have it published as a traditional book. In fact, more and more publishers are searching for books to publish by searching for eBooks on the topics they are interested in. If you intend on publishing your eBook when it is finished, here are some ways to make it more attractive to publishers and profitable for you when you sell it online. 1 – Choose a theme for your eBook. This may be a story, quote, or verse at the beginning of each chapter, a photograph or picture with a story or anecdote, or another creative way to let your readers know who you are through your writing. Think about what type of theme may work for your topic and experiment with different ideas. 2 – Use an outline as you are writing to keep your ideas organized in a logical order and sequence throughout your eBook. Divide your information into chapters that flow from beginning to end, so that your readers will be able to find the chapter that addresses their problem or situation quickly and easily.

3 – Begin to market your eBook while you are still doing the writing. This can be done by creating a blog, writing articles, commenting in forums, and sending press releases. This

way you will have an audience of hungry buyers by the time you are ready to make sales. 4 – Find an editor or proofreader to read your eBook before you sell it to anyone. Even though you will have checked for typos and other mistakes, it never hurts to have more sets of eyes on your writing. Others who are trained in this area will be able to spot mistakes and changes that need to be made before your eBook goes to market. 5 – Build a list of prospects who are interested in your topic. This will also help you when a publisher comes to pursue your writing as a traditional book. When they see that you already have interested readers you will gain credibility and are more likely to be able to negotiate a publishing deal. 6 – Write a strong sales letter that discusses the features and benefits of your eBook. Be sure to include testimonials and detailed information that further reinforce the quality of what you have written. 7 – Give away a free chapter or an excerpt from your eBook to get people to sign up for your list. This will also get people talking about what you have written. Send a press release to get even more leverage from the entire process.

Putting these ideas into action will give you an edge when you seek out a publishing deal to turn your eBook into a self-published or traditional book.


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by Connie Ragen Green



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