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Writing an Effective Paper in College

  • By Tommy Greene
  • Published 08/11/2011
  • Article Writing

In a college setting, writing papers is a major part of the experience for students. Indeed, most professors will require their students to write papers on a regular basis, in order to develop and hone their skills. Writing a good work is a process, and it is one that requires a considerable amount of practice in order to get it right. Creating a good and effective piece requires a good understanding of the way that expectations are placed and how to effectively convey the point of the work. What some students do not fully realize is that the way that the piece is set up and structured is about as important as content. There are rules and regulations to follow regarding writing, which can be quite thorough in nature. In order to get an effective series of results out of the experience, people should understand the best way to organize and write their papers. While the process is unique to everyone, there are some things that can be done in order to maximize the effectiveness of the effort. First of all, the person should create an outline of their paper, so that they have a framework and frame of reference for what they are discussing. This framework should be established based on what he person has been assigned, and should match the parameters effectively. In this outline should be an introduction section with a thesis statement, a body broken into different parts that support the persons view and flow logically, followed by a conclusion section and a works cited page. This is the basic setup for most works that are created for academic purposes. With this outline, it is possible for the person to compartmentalize the efforts and focus on one thins ta a time. For many, this ability is highly useful in nature, because it effectively structures what would seem like an overwhelming endeavor.

The writing of the project itself is something to focus on in particular. The writing style needs to be cool and professional for most works, us

ing academic prose and arriving to logical conclusions. Since it is an academic work that is being created, it is important that the language of the piece is impersonal and arrives at points with flow and logical progression. While this creates a more sterilized work than some would prefer, such is the nature of these things. The person should begin with their instruction and thesis. This section is where the person will effectively describe what will be discussed I the paper, as well as laying down their perspective about the discussion. This section is one that can set the entire tone of the piece, and is one of the more important instruments of persuasion that the student has at their disposal. Therefore, care should be taken to make this section one that is effective and directive in purpose. The main body is something that should go over the topic and carefully examine the important parts of this. Such a section is meant to be informative and thorough in nature. The main body will have all of the important aspects of the piece, as well as possible criticism and the author’s point of view. The layout of this area is one that is meant to effectively highlight all important and relevant information that is related to the piece. The conclusion is used to effectively summarize what has been created and stated. It should bring up the important points of discussion, while ending on a strong note. The works cited page is where the person will put down their sources. In an academic work, the person will be using other sources to make points and to draw information from, which will then be cited both on the page and in the back of the paper. Implementing all of these things in a professional and detailed manner will get the best possible results out of the experience. Results will be markedly improved if the student is willing to put in the time to learn.

In college, writing scholarly papers is a major part of the experience for students. By making a conscious effort to structure a paper well, students will find that they are able to produce much more effective works overall.


Tommy was selected as educator of the year for his region in Florida multiple times; now he has retired from that and spends time partnering with Miami Dade College because of their Education Degreeprogram doing teaching methodology research. Contact Info: Tommy Greene TommyGreene09@gmail.com http://www.mdc.edu/main/educationbs/default.asp

by Tommy Greene



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