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Writing Articles So Many Tips And Strategies

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 01/23/2009
  • Article Writing

Is this a ploy that a select handful of writers are keeping for themselves to confuse the rest of us; I doubt it. But there are a number of consistent messages that are being carried through by various people giving advice on writing articles and using them to promote and market your products. Initially many gurus claimed that you should have a high keyword density in your article, with as many keywords as possible contained within the article text, so much so that this inhibited the writer thereof from actually making sense. There were so many key words and incoherent messages contained in these articles that it meant that the article did not focus on quality but rather quantity. Many advisers moved away from this and said that a more natural keyword density should be focused upon, which would result in higher ratings of the article, by the readers. Was this not perhaps started by the editors of the article directories that were looking for better quality, as they were receiving bad ratings or reviews from visitors to their site, or directory. One does not know, however general consensus does point to the fact that a better quality article does indeed carry more credibility for you and your product.

Then the issue of bulleted points or paragraphs arises when writing artic

les. Some say it is better for the reader to be able to scan through the information in a condensed and easy to read manner, whereas others say that because of the condensed manner people tend to skip over it. Personally I read the bulleted points but prefer writing the short paragraphs with a little more description than just key points. It tends to add a little more body and sense to the body and context of the article; obviously without overdoing it. That brings us to the next point, it is very possible to overdo the descriptive writing in an article, and one stands the chance of losing the reader. This is based purely on the fact that people have gotten used to scanning through their emails, of which thousands come through on a regular basis. One will therefore want to capture the key idea, in a short and descriptive way, so that you retain the interest and attention of the reader.

One of the most important issues in writing articles, especially when for marketing purposes is that you write from a point of knowledge, meaning that you know what you are talking about, not merely making things up. This is vital in writing articles, as your potential customers will come across this information and may cause that your company and product either gains, retains or loses its credibility, not only amongst their peers but amongst their most vital resource, being that of their customers.



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