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Writing Letters To My Son To Review Can Be A Priceless Gift From The Heart

  • By Phoenix Delray
  • Published 02/15/2012
  • Writing

Leaving letters to your son to review later in life is a priceless gift from your heart to his. Some people like to write at the beginning of a New Year as a time of reflection and others like to write on their childs birthday or the start of a school year. Whenever you choose to write, your letters to your son to review when they mature will be a lasting treasure as you share what is inside your heart in your own writing. You may want to start your letter by telling your child how much you love him unconditionally and how much he means to you. Also, you can say how much being a parent to him has been one of the greatest gifts in your life. You may say things like that to your child often but the message in the letter comes across a little differently when the words are shared in writing.

You might want to mention what you enjoy doing with him or how you notice he is maturing in a positive way because of how he is handling various situations. The events that you share with your child will mean more than any single compliment. Your son will love

to hear how proud you are of him and then describe what makes you proud such as his kindness, compassion, talents or work ethics, etc. The letters to your son to review will bring him much joy and encouragement especially if times get troublesome when he grows up. If you have good memories of a shared vacation or event at school, write them down for him to enjoy later. Do not forget to mention why those events were very special to you. In addition, when writing letters to your son to review, share your hopes and dreams for him when he grows up. You might also mention what it is about him that you love and appreciate so much and how he has helped to forever shape your life for the better.

When you write letters to your son, write them in your own handwriting because it will be much more personal that way. Your special style of handwriting will be especially precious to your son when your presence is not there anymore. Put your letters in a special place to add to through the years and then pass along later in life. When you write letters to your son to review, you are leaving a trail of your thoughts to slip into your sons tomorrows.



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