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Writing Persuasive Essays in A Systematic Manner

  • By Jason Bacot
  • Published 10/28/2010
  • Writing

One of the most important tasks to do during your college years is to write impressive essays. Speaking of essays, most students find it quite difficult to complete a persuasive essay the right way. The problem is that they don’t realize how to proceed with one such essay. However, the truth is that if you proceed in an organized fashion, you don’t have to face any issues at all. Writing persuasive essays is similar to the thoughts you express when arguing with your friends. It is due to this particular reason that you should proceed in a systematic fashion. Here are some important points to keep in mind. 1. The very first part of your essay should give explanation about your case. It is in the way you start a discussion with your friends, where you always start by stating a specific case. 2. After stating a case, you will see your friend giving you some answers and sharing their own thoughts. In an essay, you can also proceed this way – state your case and write what others are saying about it.

3. Once done with the first two steps, you will have a base to proceed with. For instance, you should state all answers about your case and then take them one by one to speak against or in favor of them. Just keep in mind that this is the step where you have to respond with specifics. You need to offer relevant, factual supporting inf

ormation or evidence. This is not an easy step, but if you manage to complete it correctly, you will have a perfectly written persuasive essay in front of you. 4. Once done with these few steps, you will face an issue. The problem is that most students get carried away with the fact that they need to support a point of view. This is when they don’t mind making harsh comments. Always keep in mind that your essay or a persuasive discussion for that matter will not be of high quality if you don’t avoid personal attacks. 5. The next thing to consider is to make a special effort to stay on the subject. When writing persuasive essays, it is so easy to be diverted by the arguments. Always do your best to stay on the subject and don’t let your emotions overcome your persuasive writing. 6. In the end, sum up your case in the best way possible.

What I mentioned above is the process that you have to follow when having a discussion with your friends or writing a persuasive essay. Both are similar, but you have to pay attention to the etiquette of writing your essay. Your tone should be professional but assertive. Your essay should tell others about the knowledge you have on a specific topic. This is the reason why it is essential to do some research and find some solid facts to support your idea or topic. Though you don’t have to conduct broad research like you do in a research paper, it is still a good idea to have good information to make your essays look persuasive.



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