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Writing Short Reports To Build Your List, Increase Your Credibility, And Get Your Message Out

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 10/18/2008
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Writing short reports are an excellent way to get your information and message out to the world. They can be anywhere from about five to thirty pages, so you can complete one in much less time than it would take to finish an eBook. Many times my students begin writing with the idea of writing an eBook, only to find they do not have enough material, need to do more research, or find themselves in a crunch for time. The perfect solution is to write a short report so that they end up with an information product that can be distributed to others. A short report is also a great way to introduce yourself to your target audience. It lets you tell people who you are and what you do in just a short amount of time. Many people will print out a report that is less than twenty pages and use it as a reference guide when they need information on your topic. Make sure to give your readers the most up to date and useful information possible.

When you are preparing a free giveaway for your prospects, consider using the short report format. This way you can include lots of useful and valuable information, and your prospects will

be more willing to give you their name and email address in exchange for it This will help you to build a list more quickly so that your online business can become profitable more quickly. Affiliate marketing also comes into play when you are writing your short report. You can include links to both products and services you recommend, lending more credibility to them than if you were simply writing an article or a blog post. I like to discuss my short report topic, and then give my links to the products and services that are related to what I am talking about. A short report can also be turned into an eBook at a later time. You can add more information, expand your ideas, and give people a completed eBook that you can either sell or give away. That gives you more options for repurposing your content, while still allowing you to get your short report out in a relatively short time.

Additionally, you can use your short report as an ongoing source for articles and blog posts, which will steadily increase your list, as well as your credibility and visibility online. As you can see by now, the short report format is the ideal info product to repurpose your information while you position yourself as an expert.


Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit http://www.EbookWritingandMarketingSecrets.com to find out more.

by Connie Ragen Green



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