Writing the Right Article

It is a proven fact that the best form of advertising to promote your business, product or website is through the creation and distribution of well written articles on whatever subject your endeavors involve. Deciding what type of article to create for your business is crucial and should be well thought-out in advance. There are five primary types of articles to choose from for the most effective approach to your target market.

The first variety of article content is known as the ‘Tip’ article. Within this form you will begin by expressing a problem that the potential customer may have. You will proceed in much the same was as a teacher to provide a few useful and effective ways in which they may go about solving the problem. By offering one or two pieces of instantly usable information the reader will be able to see the value of your information. They will be more likely to follow the links in your Resource Box to your website to learn more or to purchase the product you offer that will provide them with even more helpful information.

The ‘Story’ article is easier for some people to relate to as you are providing them a narrative style of writing that does not ‘turn-off’ those who have trouble grasping the purely informational article. Whether the story you are relating is true or fictitious is not as important as that you make it concise and interesting. You are playing on the emotions evoked by the tale to get them to follow through to your site for more.

Similar to this is the ‘Personal Experience’ article. While not a story, this relating of a difficulty you had and your efforts to solve it are designed to involve the reader with the process of learning how to overcome a difficulty. In order to have them come to your website you should make sure that you end the article on an upbeat note so that they can understand that you can help them through your services or product.

A ‘Facts’ article is as straightforward as you can get. It is designed to describe a situation or circumstance and explain it to the reader. In many ways it can be the easiest to write as you are just dealing with the presentation of facts. Conversely, the ‘fact’ article must be written in such a way as to keep your reader’s interest so they can learn from the information you are providing.

The fifth type of article, which works well for Internet Marketing, is the ‘Recommendation’ article. This type of article should deal with only one item per article. Along with a review of the product or service one should make sure to clearly state why you feel it would make life easier or more beneficial to the reader. The ‘recommendation’ article involves elements from several of the preceding article types. You will be giving the reader facts as well as involving them in your personal experiences. A convincing recommendation is much more likely to draw the reader to the links to your site so they can further investigate for themselves just what the product or service can do for them.

You will need to rework your articles until the wording is as clear and direct as possible. The average Internet article should average between 400 to 600 words total so keeping to the point is a crucial element. Once you determine just which type of article will most effectively present what you want to convey to your reader, let nothing stop you from sharing your information with the world.


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