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Writing Tips And Suggestions

  • By Ann Liu
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Writing

Speaking of writing, the ability to write well does NOT come naturally to most of us! As an affiliate and internet marketer, one of your main jobs is to write, no matter it is in the format of write a post, ads, newsletter or product reviews. Writing can help you strengthen your communication with audiences, readers and generate the traffic to your business. However, to write well is a big task and challenge! Following are some suggestions and tips that I use each time when I do my writing, hope you find it helpful. 1. Writing Purpose And Reasons Before you start to write in any format, ask yourself these following questions: -. Who are your targeted readers? -. Where are they? -. Why should they read your writings? -. What special knowledge do you have that can help them? -. How much do they already know? -. What else do you need to find out? It is important to get out answers toward to those above questions. You can set it as your benchmark. Based on that to build your credibility with your readers and gain respect from them; otherwise, you cannot help them. 2. Writing Methods Of Research Regarding to the background material, except conduct research from internet; revisit some of your favorite manuals or textbooks to refresh the basics are another good method to use. To catch up with current trend, you also need to read recently published articles regards to your subject as well. Come back to the web search method, when you using that, don’t forget to include the world “problems” along with the name or description of your subject, this way can get you into user forums where you can discuss what are the problems people are concerning nowadays. However, if you are participate on the open forums, you have to remember be honest, never try to write or give people advices on the things or subjects you do not know. That would destroy your credibility. 3. Write From Personal Experience

It will be better if you ca

n write down the problems that you have faced, and the solutions you have found when you do your writing; it can help you establishes your credibility. You can gain real knowledge power through experience as well as authority. Therefore, respect the semantic link between author and authority is necessary. For example, anyone can slap together a fair article on dog training. There are more than 40 million web sites out there dedicated to this one subject, all you have to do is to skim through a few of them and then pick some thoughts. However, if you are unable to structure your article around real anecdotes concerning dogs you have trained, if you have never train a dog and no experience on that, your words will ring hollow. 4. Write What You Know “Write what you know” is the best way to go, write on what you actually know and back it up with doing some fresh research. For instance, if you have ever worked as a dishwasher, for sure you know there is some difference between washing dishes in a restaurant and washing dishes in a cafeteria. In a cafeteria, the panic is always over flatware when people are pressing into line for a quick lunch and cannot find any clean forks. In a restaurant, on the other hand, the endless mountains of pots and pans from preparing many individual meals simultaneously kill dishwashers, because not all the cooks are able to get their used cookware back to the scullery, which can cause recurring crises for dishwashers, that’s why they struggle with waves of encrusted pots. Once you have this authentic background, you can write an article about laborsaving practices, or a short story about personality clashes behind those kitchen doors. I bet you – there are not many people know about it. If you have babysitter experience, you can develop a great article about how to put children at ease before their parents leave and so forth. So there is your call, do some research and write some stories of your own and test them.

Write from the strength of personal experience will lead you to what you need to write, and your experience can suggest you in terms of how to structure your writing for credibility.



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