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Wrongful Termination What Do You Do after Getting Terminated Without Valid Reason

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 11/1/2012

Wrongful termination refers to breach of employment terms by an employer and eventually leads to forceful dismissal. Along with the written terms of employment, breaching the terms that get imposed automatically on the employment contract is also regarded as unlawful breaching of employment law.

If you are terminated by your employer without any valid reason, you need to hire a competent solicitor who is specialised in Dismissal Employment Law. There are different ways your termination from the employment can be unfair. Apart from the lack of valid reasons, the termination process must be lawful too.

Discrimination in work premises is unlawful act. The termination can be regarded as discrimination, when you are terminated because of your age and not because of lack of ability to perform. Similarly there are employees who get terminated because of gender, religion, marital status, pregnancy and even due to maternity leave. Dismissal due to any of these reasons is unlawful.

According to the UK employment law the process termination can only be lawful when it matches some important conditions. The employers can terminate the employees if they miss work for a long time without notifying the management. Lack of discipline is another reason for which the employer can terminate an employee. Addiction to drug or alcohol can lead to the termination from employment.

The capability or ability to do the job is also a matter of consideration. The employers can dismiss the employees from duty for not failing to perform well. Sometimes the employees fail to keep up with technological changes and this can be a reason for termination. Failing to get along with the colleagues can ruin the work atmosphere and thus the employer can terminate the employee for the reason. Long term sickness can make you incapable of performing the job. In such case, you may get terminated and the termination will not be considered unlawful.

For those who had been a victim of unlawful or unfair termination, are required to act with composure. Behaving negatively or losing temperament will not help your career. The first thing to do is get in touch with a solicitor specialised in employment law. You can seek legal advices from the solicitor. Before contacting the solicitor, make sure to read through the employment contract. It will help you while discussing the further steps. You have the right to enquire about the reasons for which you have been terminated. However, make sure to ask politely. You are also required to return the official property before leaving the work premises.

You can handle the matter yourself. However, it is important that you seek legal help as employment law is a complicated section. Without proper knowledge and experience you may not be able to handle the legal procedure.

You need to find a well qualified solicitor to handle the legal issues. If you end up consulting the matter with Conveyancing Solicitors, you will not be able to get proper advices or required legal help. Along with the qualification, you need to enquire about the track record also. Remember that lot depend on the ability and knowledge of the solicitor.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is a professional consultant who offers advice on a wide variety of issues. He provides a brief guide about unfair termination and Conveyancing Solicitors.


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