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Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal Review

The Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal Cover

This Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal was something that I stumbled across on Amazon recently, and since I had never heard of it before I figured I needed to try one out.  They come in a variety of uniquely named colors, the one shown here that I am reviewing is the Avocado version.

The Xonex A6 Blank Journal Textured Cover

One of the more unique features of the Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal is the textured cover that because of the green color almost makes this version look like it is covered with reptile skin.  The textured pattern is made up of a bunch of tiny, slightly raised circles that remind me of the inverse of the dimpling pattern on a golf ball.  I’m not sure that the textured cover really adds anything beneficial, but it does look nice.

Xonex A6 Blank Journal Inside Pocket

Like most other journals, this one has a pocket on the back inside cover, which is also covered with the same material as the cover.  The elastic closure strap on the Xonex journal seems to be adequate in terms of its elasticity and durability and it does not leave any markings on the cover, unlike many others do.  The journal has 128 latex infused acid free pages of a light cream colored paper.  The use of latex in the paper is supposed to make it more durable, however I didn’t notice any immediate differences.

Writing Sample in the Xonex A6 Blank Journal

At first I was pretty impressed when I started writing on the paper because every pen I tried felt really smooth as it moved across the surface, and it seemed to handle all of the different inks nicely.  It wasn’t until a bit later when I went back and looked that I noticed how long it took the ink to dry.    I found that somewhere along the line I had touched the ink and smeared it with my fingers, and I also saw that the ink from my writing had transferred slightly onto the page in front of it that it closed up against.

Xonex A6 Blank Journal Writing Sample Show Through

Summary of the Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal

In addition to the dry time issue and smearing, there was also a pretty good amount of show through on the back side of the page as shown in the scan above.  Personally I’d have a very hard time recommending the Xonex ru A6 Blank Journal for any use, due to the issues with how it handles most ink.  Considering how nice looking the journal is, and how well constructed it seems to be, it is a shame that it just is not great for writing in.  Obviously that is a big problem for a journal.

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