Yeast Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Around three women out of every four in the America suffer from yeast infection which manifests in thick discharge resembling the cottage cream. The prevalence of this particular ailment has quite a number of reasons. The most common one is the side effect of some antibiotic drug that you have taken to cure some other disease.

This is the reason why you should follow the instruction of a doctor when he asks you to have yogurt everyday to avoid any side effect caused by the antibiotics. Pregnancy is another important reason for having yeast infection. If you are not maintaining the basic hygiene or wearing jeans which are too fitting then you might be at a risk of suffering from yeast infection.

General symptoms of yeast infection

If you are experiencing acute itching trouble which is never solved by scratching, then this is time to get alert as this is a very common symptom of yeast infection. It is often accompanied with a blazing sensation which is impossible to bear. Now constant itching makes the vaginal region reddened and it swells.

This is the reason why they start facing problem during urinating or while going through sexual intercourse. The other noticeable symptom is the thick and creamy discharge which approximately 20% of the total affected women experience.

Sometimes there is a starchy odor present in the discharge and sometimes none. But the color of it has to be white or with a tinge of yellowishness. Worsening of the yeast infection results in fever, discomfort in the vaginal area and severe pelvic pain.

Diagnosis and treating yeast infection

Often women are embarrassed to visit their doctor with these problems because they feel the sole reason for this ailment is poor maintenance of regular hygiene. Moreover the symptom are so well known and common now-a-days that you might end up self diagnosing them as yeast infection and treating yourself. But this is wrong.

The only way to make sure that you are suffering from yeast infection is to get a pelvic examination done with due instructions from the doctor. Then starts the authentic treatment procedure for the disease. There are quite a number of oral pills that are often prescribed by the doctors.

If you are a person who often forgets to gobble the pills, then there are ointments and creams applying which you will soon get rid of these problems. You may also come across some over the counter medicines to treat yeast infection.

Home techniques to treat yeast infection

Apart from taking the medicines there are quite a number of remedies to prevent and cure yeast infection that you can try out. First of all stop using too tight clothes especially at the vaginal area. The clothes and undergarments should not be wet as yeast grows fast in a warm and wet environment.

Try to avoid the application of soap in the yeast infected region as this will kill the good bacteria that can prevent the infection to some extent. Having yogurt regularly will balance the yeast composition within the body.


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