Yoga Exercises for Fat Women


Authored by Victor Roffel in Weight Issues
Published on 11-06-2009

Yoga has been used by many for years by females in an attempt to lose weight. But what these individuals receive in return by practicing yoga is often far more valuable than simply losing weight. They experience spiritual release and insight in their lives and many have also reported increased energy levels throughout the day and less stress in their lives.

Yoga requires contortion of the body into poses that supposedly helps the body in some way or the other. This leads to many believing that extraordinary flexibility and condition is required to perform yoga. That is not true. Many fat women have done yoga with great success regardless of the state of the condition they are in. The selection of exercises just has to be suited to the occasion.

Extended dog pose

The extended dog pose is a step forward from the table pose. To execute the table pose, simply get on the floor on all four limbs. The hands should be placed below your shoulders and the knees should be kept around hip-width apart. Spread your fingers and extend the neck. With every breath, the shoulders should feel gradually relaxed.

Once the table pose has been comfortably learned, it’s time to learn the extended dog pose. From the table pose, inhale deeply and move your butt towards the ceiling. Extend and gradually move the hands forward while keeping the arms straight. Lower the forehead and chest down to the ground while feeling a good stretch at the back muscles.

Balancing table pose

The balancing table pose is extremely if not similar to the bird dog exercise. From the table pose, inhale deeply while raising your right leg up with your toes pointing at the area behind you. Inhale deeply and raise your left hand up to parallel with the fingers pointing towards the area in the front. Repeat as many times as desired.

Cat tilt pose

This is yet another progression of the table pose. Exhale and while tucking the pelvis, round the back and spine. Move the head down while keeping a stretch in the back muscles. The shoulders should be moved forward towards the ground.

All these poses are all movements that can be done even if the individual is overweight. The poses in here are perfect for introducing yoga to new practitioners. Try them out for a week and see how you feel.

Yoga can be extremely helpful for fat women who want to lose weight. The fact that yoga is relaxing and relieves stress increases the chance of yoga practitioners to come back for more. Giving up halfway then becomes unlikely. The increased activity adds up as time passes by and weight loss becomes easy.

If a female is fat and procrastinating in their efforts to lose weight, yoga is perfect. Although the calories burned may not be as much as other aerobic exercises, yoga can provide many physical and mental benefits that no other activity can. Try out yoga for a week and be surprised at its many benefits that it can give.


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