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You have limitless ability, turn it on!

  • By Jay Polmar
  • Published 04/14/2011
  • Article Writing

We have all heard “Your Only Human (born to make mistakes)” after you did something that was not particularly bright.  Well, thanks, I am only human and proud of it. I believe there is nothing we cannot accomplish because we are pretty smart, even if we haven’t figured it out  yet. Think about this, if you want to climb a tree but can’t reach the first branch you get a ladder. We were born with an amazing brain and mind giving us unlimited creativity and intelligence to solve problems.   Accept that you are human and you have shortcomings and make mistakes. That is what it means to be human, it is only natural to make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up over them. If you are less than productive, or find yourself getting off track, stop and reorganize you’re your thoughts, adjust your concentration and attention. Don’t be upset about past mistakes. Mistakes are the key ingredients for valuable experiences, use them to refocus and start working again in the right direction this time. This is important; the only restrictions to consider are the ones you create.

Often young people are taught we possess bodies which are physically limited; thus, we receive subconscious messages saying that we are defective, weak and inferior. Because of this we are preprogramed to be less capable than we actually are. There have been many negative circumstances contributing to the belief that we human beings are able to accomplish any goal we set out minds on, provided we arm ourselves with the

proper tools and education on how to set our minds to succeed. That includes disengaging from the negative attitudes of the past.One of the problems of our early education is that we have been educated in school to read phonetically.  This means we became acquainted with letters and their sounds, by speaking aloud syllables and their sounds, as we read and then, words and their sounds. After several years, classroom reading procedures stopped. Because of programing, we were still mouthing each syllable and word. Yet, brain/mind researchers have shown that through the BE DYNAMIC through SPEED READING techniques, thousands have broken that pattern and increased speeds dramatically.Your brain/mind has the capacity of reading any number of words per minute. In fact, you can actually program your brain/mind computer to improve reading speed and enhance comprehension. There are many methods that you will learn to help you read faster.We are an amazing collection of chemicals, tissue, and water, powered by electrical impulses that are driven by a mass of muscle the size of a grapefruit. We are capable of planning a meal, operating an automobile, while admiring the sun set, computing the amount left after we pay bills and much more.Human beings do this, all in an instant.This powerful educational tool, Be Dynamic through Speed  helps to educate and research improvement methods to accelerating learning and success for millions around the world.Success is yours. Double efficiency and productivity. Be A Speed Reader. Be A Speed Reader Double Your Reading Speed, Learn How in Minutes. Amaze Yourself and Others. nopicture-7094758

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by Jay Polmar



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