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You must wear the warm and stylish woolen jacket in autumn and winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/14/2012

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It is necessary to wear warm in autumn and winter, but how to match woolen coat in fashion or right way? Now our wholesale china clothing online shop for everyone to bring all kind of pictures about woolen jacket, and you can learn fall and winter clothes matching skills in there.

Blue woolen jacket, fine white lapel, wear clothing with graceful fashion charm inside the ride wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt, coupled with the boots, sweet, cute, reveals a deep breath next door.

Khaki with the waist woolen jacket, hooded style, warm and thick, autumn and winter essential wholesale fashion items, which take the sweater, the next wearing black pants feet, simple, fresh, beautiful little lovely taste.

With fur collar and wool sleeves woolen jacket, really looked at it warm. It is suitable for winter’s day to wear pink sweet and fresh, the blue Department romantic dream. Inside the ride on nice dresses.

Big red belt woolen coat, good enthusiasm and publicity fall and winter clothes Oh, it is suitable for Christmas to wear it, filled with a sense of jubilation, wear warm socks and black knee boots inside the ride skirt, charming seductive.

Fur collar lapel woolen jacket, a fine sense of design, fur collar can be removed, and a sense of simple lines, so this jacket more fashionable taste, wear shorts coupled with tights and boots inside the ride sweaters this fall and winter The girls love the style.

Hint of color, gentle breath, big lapels, double-breasted, big pockets decorated, this woolen jacket details a strong sense of its texture, but also highlights. Inside the ride a white shirt, under wear black pants feet, suck Clear seductive Oh and black scarf.

The elegant wedding dress is our shop’s favorite thing. When you wear the big lapels, you can feel whole temperament change. Wear pants feet inside the ride a white shirt bottoming accompanied handsome boots look beautiful. Now don’t hesitate! Come on our shoes online shop.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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