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Time to announce our winner of the limited edition and sold out Field Notes Snow Blind edition!  Check it out below to see if you were our winner! … [Read more…]


Kind of funny to do a review of a wooden box, but here I am doing a review of the Field Notes Archival Wooden Box (buy via Field Notes), which is something I’ve actually had my eye on for a while.  I finally pulled the trigger when I ordered some extra Field Notes Lunacy (review here, check it out because they are awesome) journals though. … [Read more…]


I’ve reviewed a ton of Field Notes journals and notebooks in the past, so this will probably be more of a pictorial type review. I signed up for the Field Notes Quarterly Subscription last quarter and I was so glad I did once I saw this new Lunacy edition announced.  The Field Notes Lunacy (buy via Field Notes) edition is the first die cut cover they have ever done, and it shows the advancing phases of the moon. … [Read more…]


I have too many notebooks, and I say this a few days after giving away about 10 for a good cause off-line.  I want to give away some more so today I decided to giveaway another set of the pretty awesome color changing (freezie freakie style) Field Notes Snowblind limited edition that is actually sold out unless you hit up Amazon for them.  They aren’t exactly cheap in comparison to regular Field Notes, so hopefully you can win a set here! … [Read more…]


I recently signed up for the Field Notes Quarterly Subscription, and this new Byline Reporters edition was the first of my subscription deliveries.  The Field Notes Byline Reporters edition (via Field Notes) is a nice deviation from the standard size Field Notes journal, as its a specialized size designed in the style of a reporters flip notebook. … [Read more…]


Today we have our winner of the big Field Notes giveaway to announce!  There was a huge response to this giveaway, so thanks to everyone who participated and helped to spread the word! … [Read more…]


I recently signed up for the Field Notes Quarterly Subscription package, and since my first delivery came and had some nice extras I figured I should give them away to one lucky reader today! Its also been a while since we did a regular giveaway, so I’m excited to for this Field Notes Prize Pack Giveaway. Check below for details on how you can enter to win! … [Read more…]


Here’s our winner!  If you are Ryan, check your email and get in touch so we can get your new notebooks in the mail to you! … [Read more…]


So I usually don’t do a giveaway before I’ve reviewed a product, but I just realized its been a while since I did a giveaway so why not mix things up a little?  If you haven’t seen the Field Notes Snowblind collection yet, check out the review by Ed Jelley with fantastic pictures as usual. … [Read more…]


We are already a few days into 2016, but if you are bad at planning and didn’t get yourself a new planner for the year, this Field Notes 56 Week Planner for any year (via Field Notes) might be your new best friend.  The 56 Week Planner has the classic brown Field Notes cover (thicker cardboard like the Steno Book) and black print and measures 4.75″ by 7.5″ and provides a full week across the spread of two pages once open. … [Read more…]


The Field Notes Ambition Edition (via Field Notes) is the newest Colors Edition for Winter 2014.  The two things that make this set unique are the gilded edges and the fact that each of the three journals in this set have different formats.  The three different page formats for the pages are a weekly calendar, grid, and a general ledger layout.  For easy identification you will also see that each different format has a different color cover. … [Read more…]


Its been quite a busy month, so today we are combining our usual monthly giveaway announcement with the announcement of our recent Field Notes Cold Horizon and Pentel Graph Gear Mechanical Pencil giveaway.   Also, since we are doing the monthly giveaway announcement so late (its the last winner from last month) that means we will have two more monthly winner announcements coming up this month since we try to do the announcements close to the 15th and 30th … [Read more…]


I thought it was time for a giveaway and the Field Notes Cold Horizon (via Amazon too with free shipping for Prime members!) and Pentel Graph Gear seemed like a nice combo no that the weather is starting to turn cold on us here in the Northeast.  Check below for rules and how to enter, and if you enter please be sure to actually check your email or check back here to see if you won, its never fun to have giveaways go unclaimed, nor is it fair to those that … [Read more…]


Thanks so much to everyone that entered our Field Notes Shelterwood giveaway.  Its time to announce our Field Notes Shelterwood giveaway winners, if you are one of them (see below) contact us via the “About/Contact” link at the bottom of the page. … [Read more…]


As much as I love the new Field Notes Shelterwood release and want to keep them all for myself,  I think it will be fun to do a giveaway so I’m offering up two 3-packs of these, one pack to two randomly selected winners.  I want to open this up to as many people as possible so there will be multiple ways to enter and win.  We are trying out a new method for administering contests so check it out below and good luck!  See below for how you can enter to win … [Read more…]


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