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The folks at Bic are celebrating the fact that they have sold over 100 billion Bic Cristal pens with this universal typeface project, which is pretty cool.  They are basically crowdsourcing what they are calling the Bic universal typeface and you can submit your own writing samples to contribute to the project too. … [Read more…]


This Hi-Mckee Mini pen and stylus by Zebra is a pretty nice accessory that can plug into the audio jack on your phone or tablet for easy accessibility.  Before we take a closer look at it I should mention the standard disclaimer which is that the product was provided free of charge by our friends at JetPens for this review. … [Read more…]


We’ve tested and written about a few other Fisher Space Pens, but today we are looking at the Fisher Space Pen with Stylus which is a nice addition to the line.  The Fisher Space Pen and Stylus is a combination I honestly never thought about, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was a must have. … [Read more…]


This is a review that is going to be short and sweet, but the product itself is very unique.  This is a Bic Cristal  Stylus for your tablet or phone.  Technically, it is a look a like because it isn’t actually manufactured by Bic. … [Read more…]


  Thanks to everyone that entered the contest to win these awesome pen and stylus combinations.  Our lucky winner was James Hallagins.  Sorry for the sloppy looking comment numbering, its been a bit harder to replace the Disqus commenting system that was previously in place.  Regardless of that, if you are James (who can now stop saying that he never had luck with these)  just leave a comment on this thread to let everyone know you are claiming … [Read more…]


  This will be a simple giveaway to enter, one entry per person, just leave a comment below and we will pick a random winner to get both the standard length and XTS version of the Aluminum Pen and Stylus.  All entrants must be US residents, and comments to enter must be left by 11PM Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 17th, with the winner being announced on the website on Monday the 18th.  Go ahead and leave a comment to enter to win both of these pens.  If … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago we reviewed the Solid Titanium Pen and Stylus from Big Idea Design, and they were kind enough to send up these aluminum versions to check out next.  In addition to this review, we will also be doing a giveaway later this week of both the standard aluminum version and the XTS which is the shorter version you see here, so be sure to check back in for that.  If you can’t wait for the giveaway, feel free to head on over to the Big Idea Design … [Read more…]


Back in June of last year we highlighted a really cool new pen that was being funded through Kickstarter that took the refills for dozens of your favorite pens, and also functioned as a stylus.  The pen got enough momentum to actually get funded and I recently received mine as a funder of the project.  The Titanium Pen and Stylus can be found over at the Big Idea Design website if you are interested in purchasing one. … [Read more…]


Kickstarter has had some pretty cool pen and stylus options in the past, but this new Serene Stylus Pen kind of had me thinking about the lack of innovation and design with a lot of other standard pens. … [Read more…]


I was recently contacted regarding another cool Kickstarter project, this time for a very unique combination pen/stylus that is designed and made completely in the US.  This is just a quick overview of the SPC stylus and pen until I get my hands on one, which should be in the next week or so, but the project still has 50+ days left to go.  I was also informed by the creators of this project that they are working on a clip for this as well, and I know that … [Read more…]


This Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus was sent over for review, compliments of our friends over at Jetpens.  I was excited to try it out when I first received this because I have only used 1-2 others, so lets take a look at it. … [Read more…]


  Today while I was checking out one of my favorite non-pen sites (Uncrate) I came across…an amazing pen, go figure.  This solid titanium pen with a capacitive stylus takes more refills than any pen I’ve ever seen before.  I’m really itching to get my hands on this thing to do a review, but it looks very promising.  You can find it here on Kickstarter, which is appropriate because I think this pen literally kicks the s4#!t out of any of the other … [Read more…]


I’ve had a few requests for a review of a capacitive stylus for use on a touchscreen such as an Kindle Fire, Android Tablet, or iPad.  This particular capacitive stylus by AYL seemed like the best available on Amazon when I started reading reviews and doing my research so I thought I’d give it a try. … [Read more…]


In many offices, people tend to cram in their last vacation days right before the holidays, so it is important to buy and give your office gifts early.  Hopefully this post today will help you out and provide some good gift ideas for coworkers that they will love! … [Read more…]


In the past we have reviewed both the Fisher Trekker Space Pen and the Fisher Space Pen Stylus, so it was really cool to get a behind the scenes look at the people and the company behind these products in the “This Built America” series.  Its kind of an online magazine article with a video spliced in, but its definitely worth the few minutes to check it out and see the humble and hard working people that put these great pens together and in our hands every … [Read more…]


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