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Your Guide to Choosing the Most Suitable Dance Teacher

We all wish we could naturally dance like famous choreographer and Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood, but most of us need a fair amount of help.

Even the greatest dancers were moulded by the right teachers – this guide will help you get on track with some useful tips when shopping around for suitable guidance.

Practical Location

When looking for a dancing instructor, it’s important to be practical in finding someone who is conveniently close to where you live, otherwise it can become too much of an effort to make your regular classes, much less fit them into your normal daily routines. The Internet is always an excellent resource, but local newspapers and the yellow pages will do nicely too. Also check out local universities bulletin boards, because many offer adult dance classes in the evening at highly affordable prices.

Putting Yourself in Professional Hands

To feel like you’re in the right hands, you’ll want to know that a dance teacher has some sound experience and qualifications under their belt. Asking some key questions will go a long way in ascertaining this, such as finding out how long they’ve been dancing professionally, what productions they’ve been part of, any credentials or accolades they’ve earned and how long they’ve been training people in dance. Retired dancers, even if they haven’t got any actual teaching qualifications, are always a good bet as they have the practical experience to know what’s what. Finally, you should also clarify what styles of dance a prospective teacher specialises in – many conduct classes in several styles, from modern to classical.


If a prospective teacher is or was a professional dancer, it means they have had to have extreme passion and dedication to their craft, since nobody can earn a living as a dancer without blood, sweat and tears. The ideal teacher will shine out as being absolutely passionate about dance as well as teaching it to others.

Another factor that reveals dedication or a lack thereof is punctuality – if you start lessons with a teacher that is always running late it’s not a good sign as this means they don’t have the drive to perfection necessary in a professional dancer or teacher.


Any good environment for learning and progressing entails respect, in both the teacher and the student. Even if you’re dancing in the back row of a large class, your teacher should put in the effort to instruct and make eye contact with you personally. Any dance teacher worth their salt will be fully aware of your progress and correct your mistakes individually, so that you know exactly where you stand. If you feel invisible in the class or like you’re fighting a losing battle all on your own, then your dance instructor isn’t doing their job.


Whether you’re simply looking for a fun way to keep fit or have aspirations of being a professional dancer and choreographer like Craig Revel Horwood, everyone has to start somewhere and the right dance teacher can make or break both your enthusiasm and progress. By following the above tips, you should be well on your way to finding the most suitable instructor.

 Author Bio: Rio Spelling is a choreography and dance enthusiast



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