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Your Guide to Men’s Fashion for Winter 2012

  • By Anastasia Koko
  • Published 02/3/2012

There’s nothing like some style to chase away the winter blues. From tried and tested clothing that refuses to die out and items that are making a surprising revival, to new looks that will be sure to breathe some fresh life into your wardrobe, the following guide will give you an easy overview of the current fashion trends in mens clothing.

Daring Fabrics

No need to let the dull weather dampen your mood – it’s time to get luxurious. Velvet has made a bold comeback this winter, along with other opulent fabrics like cashmere, faux fur, leather and even calfskin (though if your girlfriend is a vegetarian you might want to cut back on the animal materials!).

Colours & Textures

The hottest Fall/Winter 2011/2012 look for men in terms of colours and textures is classy, confident and interesting – luxurious textures combined with neutral and classic gray tones are definitely in, while vibrant colours work best for a more casual style.

Classic Grey and Black Can’t Be Beaten

While the popularity of bright hues come and go in fashion trends, gray and black never lose their stylishly classic appeal. What’s more, these two timeless colours go with almost everything, so if you’re not sure about what looks good with what, black or grey are almost always a safe bet. The only exception is wearing brown shoes with a grey or black suit – this is definitely a no-no.

Neutral Tones Together With Bold Splashes

The runways are awash with ultra stylish neutral tones with bold splashes of colour to keep it interesting – you can’t fail to look good if you go with this type of combination. For example, you can accessorise one of your neutral work suits with a cheerful red or teal scarf.

Go Preppy for Some Flair

This winter trend follows from the advice in the previous paragraph, but throws in a dash of Harvard/ Oxford chique. The preppy style is big this winter – casual and comfortable clothes in bright hues are a sure winner to banish the dullness of this chilly time of year. You can’t argue with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood. Don’t overdo it though – it’s a safe bet to mix and match, such as a bright preppy shirt and scarf combined with a dark suit.

Sexy Work Wear

The formal look as in stylish suits, as well as more casual work wear, is also popular at the moment. Each season the cut tends to change slightly though – if you want the latest trends in formal suits, right now it’s single and double-breasted jackets, pleated trousers and bold pocket square designs that are turning heads on the runways. Some of the most impressive examples have been featured by Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Canali and Versace. In addition, work wear and overalls have been making a stylish appearance – some of the most cutting edge examples are leather overalls with outward pockets.

Loose-Tailored is Comfortably Classy

While fitted suits will always be sleekly stylish, loose-tailoring is another big winner this winter. From free-fitting overalls and trousers to oversized coats and jackets, most men will enjoy the comfort of this type of look, and this winter you’ll also be fashionably on target too. You don’t want to look overly baggy as if you couldn’t find the right size though, so be sure the cut fits your shoulders while allowing for lots of freedom of motion.

Chunky Sweaters for Nordic ‘Cool’

Chunky knit sweaters are back in vogue for men – if your mother or girlfriend likes knitting then you’re in luck! To give sweaters some cheerful flair this winter, warm and bright colours are fashionable this season. If you’re in doubt, both Hermes and Versace have been featuring this look lately. Finally, the classic bright and neutral turtleneck is also big this season.

Military Doesn’t Die Out

Following on from their popularity all of last year, the military look is still influencing leading men’s clothing designers. Alexander McQueen as well as Versace have shown off some very stylish military jackets, outerwear and accessories on the runways, and they continue to impress. Be sure the cut is good though, as you don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of an Army Surplus store.

Winter Accessory Trends

Hats have been flooding the runways this season, such as those from Dior Homme, Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo. These accessories can make most men look more interesting, especially if you wear them with a slight jaunty tilt. Another top accessory trend this winter, as mentioned above, is brightly coloured scarves to add flair to neutral clothing.


All in all, the fashion trends in mens clothing at the moment are best carried off with some savvy combinations, such as a stylish neutral suit with a brightly coloured scarf and sweater. With a minimum of effort, you can easily breathe some fresh style into your usual winter wardrobe.

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is a stylist and designer of mens clothing.



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