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Your Guide to the Hottest Men’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2012

  • By Anastasia Koko
  • Published 07/6/2012

The Spring/Summer collections from top men’s fashion designers in 2012 are not for the likes of shy wallflowers – the catwalks this year are ablaze in rich styles, colours and textures that inspire with their creative flair.

From aristocratic preppyness and schoolboy uniforms to safety wear and tropical beach prints, the current fashion trends for men vary from elegance to extravagance.

The following guide will give you some useful insight into the top men’s styles are this summer.

Material Trends

Blue Hues

Designers such as Botega Veneta have caused excitement amongst in recent shows by displaying clothes and even shoes in a range of vibrant blues – including cyan, indigo, navy and turquoise. When combined with complimentary tones, these hues really stand out refreshingly.

Dune Tones

Colours such as brown, gold, ochre and yellow are making an appearance this summer – rather than autumn arriving early, they bring to mind a Moroccan wilderness or a safari in Africa. Outstanding examples include Dior’s Spring 2012 collection, which included shades of beige, ivory, nude and white.

Hawaiian Patterns

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection has taken inspiration from the tropical beauty of Hawaii to produce clothes adorned with birds of paradise and hibiscus flowers. These themes of the Pacific are ideal for a cheery, casual summer look, but do mix and match with plain and sober accessories to maintain a suave element of subtlety.


Vivienne Westwood has revealed an iridescent Spring/Summer 2012 offering this year – her men’s fashion boldly stands out is a wealth of shimmering materials which beautifully reflect the light, including silk, satin and velvet. Nevertheless, always mix and match with darker shades of colour to counterbalance the dazzle.


Single colour suit ensembles have made a splash in Roberto Cavalli’s recent collections. What makes them daring instead of dull is that he has used bright colour palettes that boldly stand out.


Traditional plaid is making a comeback – Gucci in particular has been making a fine showing of daringly preppy clothing designs using tiles, squares and check board patterns. The main thing to understand however is that plaid needs to be dressed down with a plain shirt and other solid colour accessories, or it will be far too busy.


Material has gone behind bars to give a stylish prison twist to outfits, such as seen in Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 collection. Narrow and discrete vertical stripes are used on jackets, but they are wide and bold on other types of clothing.


Transparent material can be highly stylish but it must be done subtly, as seen in recent creations from Dolce & Gabbana. Muslin and mosquito netting is skilfully used to uncover the muscular male torso, but a complimenting armless T-shirt underneath ensures everything is not overly on display.

Clothing Trends

Oversized Pants

Ideal for men who love to be comfortable, oversized pants are definitely in vogue at the moment. The way they are designed is to be large around the waist, wide around the thighs, looser in the calf area but rather tight along the ankle. The overall aim is that they have a breezy appeal without losing their shapely style when worn.

Short Pants

Yves Saint Laurent has been bringing back the nostalgic schoolboy look with a range of short pants in his current men’s collection. They are worn on the edge of underwear as well as above the knee, and are ideally matched with a suit jacket, suspenders and socks.

Short-Sleeved Shirt

Short-sleeved shirts are a must for hot weather, but they can also be an intelligent compromise between casual and elegant. This year, sleeves are shortened or rolled up using a languet and the shirt itself is worn either buttoned up and tucked into the trousers for a more formal flair, or simply on an open chest. To keep the look sophisticated and preppy, always ensure it is perfectly ironed.

White Shirt

Iconic and never out of fashion, white shirts are still arguably the staple king of menswear. This classic has seen a number of facelifts over the years from designers, so there is always a range of interesting styles to choose from.


This summer’s fashion for men has a flair that style enthusiasts will find refreshing and slightly daring. The good news for those looking to get their hands on the latest looks is that respected online retailers such as Glass Boutique offer a wealth of world-class designer creations without the D&G or Yves Saint Laurent price tags.

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is an independent fashion retailer and Glass Boutique fashion enthusiast.



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