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Your nature and your belt

  • By Jessica Marshall
  • Published 01/18/2011
  • Article Writing

If somebody asks you, how can you show your wealth? How can you express your taste? You may reply him with your belt. Nowadays, the belt plays a much more important role than timer. It has become the symbol of wealth, status and so on. So you may think that you do need a particular belt to match yourself. Here comes the question. Which aspects will you take into consideration while choosing a type of belt?     Without considering the accuracy and the appearance of the belt, we also need to lay great importance on the material. I hold the view that if the belt stands for the wealth, the material may reveal your characteristics, your thoughts and something else. Don’t ignore the type and the material of your belt any more, because among all the aspects comfort comes first and it is mainly determined by the material. So a leather one or a cotton one may fit this requirement. They mean a high level in wealth and also are good for your skin. In the filed of fashion, some of you may get the retro feel from leather.       Others may think that those made by leather seem cool. Maybe that’s the reason why these leather ones seem more favorable in men than women. When we take price into account, we’ve to admit that plastic ones have an obvious advantage. And they win the hearts of the young easily by various types and plentiful styles. If you just like to choose one that seems very outstanding, some materials made by flax may let you feel satisfied. You can always find one that fits you.   Of course, all of these materials have their own disadvantage. The leather seems old and some people think it is out of date. In addition, iron chain seems heavy, the plastic one seems vulgar and low-priced, the one made by flax seems hard to find.   No matter which kind you choose, just be yourself. No longer follow the trend any more. It’s no use attaching too much importance on the value. What you really need to do is to know what you want. 



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