Your Shark Fishing Gear Buying Guide

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Fishing
Published on 04-17-2009

So you’ve just finished watching Jaws and you are ready to go catch the big one, right? You may think I’m crazy, but for many, it is a popular and competitive sport known as Shark Fishing. Many fisherman head out to the sea in hopes of reeling in the Great White, just like Chief Brody. We all know that sharks are huge, so just some fishing line with a rubber worm is not going to work with this sport. There are many different types of gear a shark fisherman will need before heading to the seas.

First they are going to need a fishing wheel. Which are the best? There are two types of rods a shark fisherman will be able to choose from, a spinning rod or a bait cast. The spinning rod is the rod of choice for the novice fisherman or one who only seeks to go shark fishing on occasion. It is the cheaper of the two, so if it is just a recreational hobby this is your rod. For those who are experts or looking to be then they will want to go with the bait cast. The bait casts are a bit pricey, but durable and highly recommend for catching the biggest shark prey out there. Their durability is great, but they can be a bit difficult to cast at times.

Once your rod is selected the line you use is just as important. If you know anything about sharks, you know they are big and quite strong, so a strong line is needed. A monofilament is the cheaper line, again good only for the occasional fisherman. A draw back with the monofilament is that you may not be able to real out a ton of line. A micro fiber line is a bit more expensive, but is stronger and can be cast out further. The micro fiber is more durable and will keep much longer as well.

The tackle you use when shark fishing is very important as well. You’ll want to go with a heavy-duty stainless steel leader. The leader is your main source of support when trying to reel in the big boy, so it is important to have a strong one.

You’ll will also want to have durable crimps which attach the hooks and swivels, they are pricey, but worth it. If you are just looking to practice or do not plan on spending a lot of time on the sea, you can probably find some less expensive tackle out there.

Hooks for a big mouth is needed, as sharks are among the largest mouths in the sea. The two types of hooks used in shark fishing are the J Hook and the Circle Hook, and both are effective. The Circle Hook is a bit easier to dislodge from the shark’s mouth after its capture.

To keep your bait from moving or falling off the hook, you’ll want to have a weight on board. Your best option is the spider weight as they fall into the sand easily. Next you’ll need to make all your gear attractive for the shark with some scrumptious bait. The best bait for capturing a shark is Jack Crevalle, Bonito, Blue Runner and Lady Fish.

As with any sport, practice and determination will lead the biggest catch.


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