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Zebra Expandz Collapsible Ball Point Pen


Zebra Expandz Expandable Ball Point Pen

I recently took the plunge and picked up this Zebra Expandz Collapsible ball point pen because in the past I’ve tried out some other collapsible or compact pens and they have always felt a bit cheap.  Knowing the consistent quality you get with Zebra products I thought it would be safe to shell out some of my own hard-earned money for their version of a collapsible pen.


The Zebra Expandz Expandable Ball Point Pen Expanded Comparison

As you can see from the first photo, the Zebra Expandz Collapsible pen is the same size as a regular pen, which in this comparison photo is a Zebra Surari gel ink pen.  When fully expanded it is pretty impossible to even know that this Zebra pen is hiding the secret of being a fully functional collapsible pen.  The all metal construction is one of the things that gives this pen a high quality feel unlike some of the other lighter weight and plastic pens like this that you may have seen before.


The Zebra Expandz Expandable Ball Point Pen Collapsed

The next picture shows the Zebra Expandz in its collapsed state, still next to the Surari so you can get an idea of how small it gets.  The motion of collapsing the pen is pretty simple, just a little bit of pressure does the trick, and it manages to stay in whichever position you select without any extra tricks, and it never feels loose or like it is going to slip into the other position.


Zebra Expandz Collapsible Pen Writing Sample

When writing with the Zebra Expandz Zebra Expandz Collapsible Pen I was impressed with how comfortable it was in my hand.  The pen never felt like it was going to slip into the collapsed position, and the firm metal body really gave the impression that I was writing with a full-sized ballpoint pen.  The ink itself is nothing out of the ordinary, it is slightly better than your average ballpoint pen ink.  The thing that makes me say it is slightly better is that I never experienced any clumping and it didn’t have that tacky feel that you get with many ballpoint pen inks.  The pen wrote very smoothly and although it didn’t clump at all, I did get the occasional very light skip.  Obviously this main feature of this pen is its ability to be kept in a small compact place like a pocket or purse, so the fact that it writes as well as it does for a ballpoint is a nice extra.

This is definitely an option you should explore if you are looking for a collapsible pen, as it really does feel like it is a great quality pen that will hold up to heavy use.  You can find the Zebra Expandz Collapsible Pen many places, but I picked this one up on Amazon, and everywhere I’ve seen them, they will run  you about $10.

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