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Zebra F701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen


Zebra F701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

Here is another pen that was generously sent to me by Brad from JetPens to review.  So standard disclaimer here, free pen for me, and they get a review out of it.  I’ve been a happy customer of JetPens since before this Blog, and I have been a fan of Brad’s work since before this site.  He’s a good guy, even for a Braves fan. 🙂  ANYWAY, if I were to do a one word review of this Zebra F-701 Ballpoint Pen, it would simply say “Solid.” and I’d be done.


The Knurled Stainless Steel Grip on the Zebra F701

One of my favorite parts of the Zebra F-701 ballpoint is the metal knurled grip, its a no-nonsense grip that gives it a very rugged look, and most importantly, it functions flawlessly.  In addition to the grip, everything from the plunger to the clip to the cone fit tightly and couldn’t feel more solid.  I was seriously impressed with the plunger which has literally zero play in it, meaning you don’t hear any rattling of parts in there.  It just clicks right into place every time, but it is also very quiet when you click it.  Its probably a great pen for compulsive clickers that don’t want to disrupt people around them.

Zebra F-701 Writing Sample and Experience.


Zebra F701 Writing Sample

Writing with the F-701 is exactly what you would expect from a better quality ballpoint pen.  It has pretty smooth solid lines with the occasional skip that is unavoidable from a standard ballpoint.  What it does better than 98% of all other ballpoint pens though is that the tip doesn’t click and rattle around each time it is lifted and pressed back on the surface of your paper.  I don’t know much about manufacturing processes, but I’d have to assume that the measurements where all of where all the parts on this pen fit together must have been incredibly tight.

If you want a great everyday ballpoint pen that looks great and is reliable this is probably your best option.  Its built like a tank, and puts super simple functionality with fantastic quality in your hand, and you can feel it immediately.  Thanks again to Brad and JetPens for sending over this Zebra F-701.

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