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Zebra Regal Rollerball Pen Review


Zebra Regal Rollerball Top View

Not too long ago the lovely folks from Zebra were kind enough to send over some pens for me to review, and this is the second set from them that I am writing about.  These are the Zebra Regal Rollerballs in a .7mm 8 pack.  Before I dig into my review, it is worth noting what Brad from over at The Pen Addict mentions in his review, which is that these pens are definitely a competitor of the Uniball Vision and Vision Elite pens.


Zebra Regal Rollerballs in their Package with Bright White Bodies

The Zebra Regal Rollerball pens have a very nicely designed sleek white body and cap, with silver accents and a crystal-like tip on the cap that indicates the color of each pen, as well as the size.  The package that you see above is actually a nice little rigid plastic envelope like holder for your pens, which is a nice extra to help keep your set of pens organized and together.


Full Body View of the Zebra Regal Rollerball

Normally I am not a big fan of mostly white pens, but I think I like these because they are not a super glossy white.  The silver accents on the clip, and the silver lettering on the body of the pen are also a nice touch, but for my taste there is a little bit too much writing on the body which makes it a little bit noisy.  Although I think they look pretty nice, I think they could look even nicer if the bar code was not permanently painted on.  The caps on these post and close nice and firm, never with any question as to if its on there or if its loose, and the grips are comfortable and effective.


Zebra Regal Rollerball Writing Sample

The writing experience with the Zebra Regal Rollerball pens was great.  They didn’t skip at all, and they left a solid vibrant color line that dried almost instantly on the paper in my Doane Paper Ideal Journal.  The color swatches in the writing sample above look really nice to me, hardly a white spot to be found.  The thing that impressed me the most though was with the pink, orange, and brown versions of this pen.  Often with colored pens like this, the pink and orange can either be too translucent or too fluorescent, and the browns can sometimes just look black, but I think Zebra did an excellent job with these sometimes hard to do colors.  The pink and orange are very sharp and solid and are not difficult to read over time, and the brown leaves no question as to what color it is.  Unfortunately I can’t find this package anywhere I’ve shopped before, but Amazon does have a black 4 pack.

UPDATE: Check out Brad’s review from today over at the Pen Addict, he has the .5mm and also mentions that these are now available at JetPens, which for some reason I never even thought to check out for these.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some nice smooth writing pens with vivid colors, or if you are just looking for a great writing pen in general.  I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for these in the .5mm version, I’m sure that if they perform like the .7mm version they will be worth the extra effort to seek them out. Thanks again to the folks at Zebra for sending these my way to review, and if you didn’t know, you can also find Zebra Pen on Facebook, and on Twitter @ZebraPen.

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