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Zebra Sarasa .4mm Red Black Review


The Zebra Sarasa .4mm in Red Black

Not too long ago, I did a review of the Zebra Sarasa .4mm in green black, and said that I would also review the red black version soon….so I guess today is “soon” because what follows is the review of said pen. 🙂

Obviously, the red black version of this pen has the same exact body style as the green black version that I reviewed, so Ill skip any discussion on the size of the grip section being thin for my taste.  The first thing I really noticed when I did the comparison review of the Zebra Sarasa with the Signo was that the Zebra seemed a bit more scratchy, but not so scratchy that it distracted me from writing with it. When I did this writing sample, I never even picked up a Signo, so I had nothing fresh in my memory to compare it to, and I had no issues with the very faint bit of scratchy feel I got.

The one thing I did find that was different about the red black version of this pen as compared to the green black was the performance of the ink itself.  I do like the darker red that this pen writes, and I was happy to see that it didnt seem to break up as much when I wrote with it.  The line was much more solid, and without any white spots where it skipped, I did some testing and there were no differences with skipping or not skipping on other papers, so the Miquelrius graph ruled notebook sample is representative of other papers I tried it on.


Writing sample of the Zebra Sarasa .4mm in red black, written in a Miquelrius graph ruled notebook.

I mentioned it in the writing sample, but I wanted to provide a link as well to show you where JetPens.com has these pens on their site, they come in a bunch of different colors.  JetPens is always the go to site for any type of gel ink pen like this, they have a ton of options to pick from, and with their $25 minimum to get free shipping, you really cant beat it…no discount or anything on this pen from JetPens, although they have been kind enough to provide review pens in the past, I just wanted to be clear since I was commenting on their service though.

When I first started using the multi color inks, I was a bit skeptical that they would not be business appropriate, but I am glad I got past that because so far all of the multi color inks I have tried (now including red black) have been very nice, and I have been using them at work for taking notes and such.  Overall I like this pen, I might like the ink color more than I like the pen itself, but its still a worthwhile pen to have handy even with some of its minor issues.

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