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Zebra Sarasa Clip 1mm Gel Pen


The Zebra Sarasa Clip 1mm Gel Pen

Typically when I buy my office supplies to review, I stick to pens that are at or below the .5mm range, but I figured just because I happen to like them doesnt mean I should ignore the other options out there for you to read about.  When I saw the Zebra Sarasa Clip in blue black in a 1mm version, I thought I should give it a try and write it up for those of you who like larger tipped pens.

Even though this pen is a little bigger (OK like double) than I usually like to write with, I figured I would at least get to have another pen with blue black ink which is clearly my favorite if you have not noticed yet.  I might even try to work my way up to a 1.6mm pen if I can find one that I like.

I’ve used a regular Zebra Sarasa in the past and did not like it because the grip was a bit too thin for my taste, however with the clip version (as one of my readers suggested) you get a thicker body and grip which I like.   With the thicker grip than the regular Sarasa, I was really able to enjoy writing with it much more than the previous versions that I used.


Zebra Sarasa Clip 1mm Gel Pen on a Rhodia Web Notebook

The clip on this pen is a nice additional feature that is not found with the standard version of the Sarasa.  The picture above shows the Sarasa clipped onto the elastic strap of my Rhodia Web Notebook with the 90g paper.  Although the photo only shows it attached to the elastic strap, it also can hold onto something the thickness of the cover of the Rhodia including another few sheets of paper, which is impressive.  Neither method will let you lay the notebook flat, or easily stack your other office supplies on top of it evenly, but that is not a big deal to me.


Writing sample of the Zebra Sarasa 1mm in a Rhodia Web Notebook

Before I even tried writing with this pen, I did have some low expectations because I really didnt think I would enjoy writing with something that had such a large point, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started writing with it.  Obviously with a 1mm gel ink pen, you are going to get some pretty solid lines with bold colors, so that was a given here.  In addition to the visual appeal of the line that this pen leaves behind, the smooth feel of the tip rolling over the paper is really impressive.  Its almost as if it is gliding over the paper, and you get such a thick and meaty line that you feel like you are writing with a paint roller, but with much more control.

Im pretty sure this wont be an every day pen for me, but Im glad that I have allowed my office supply addiction to expand a bit more into a slightly different category of pen because it was nice to write with this.  Personally, I just dont think I can use this for my daily note taking tasks because Id have to write much bigger and probably burn through 2x as much notebook paper, and we all know that Levenger paper is not exactly cheap.  I do think that this pen would be good for signing letters, cards, or notes if you want to make your signature stand out and make it clear that its not a computer generated signature, but in fact the real thing.

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