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Zebra Sarasa SE Retractable Pen a new offering from Zebra


The Zebra Sarasa SE 07 – Built with Consumer Feedback

A while back, my friends at Zebra sent me over a bunch of their new Zebra Sarasa SE pens and I’ve been using them ever since.  At first glance nothing really jumped out at me about these Sarasa SE 07s.  When I picked one up and started using it I was pretty impressed.  The Zebra Sarasa SE Gel ink pen is available in 8 colors:  Blue, Black, Red, Green, Violet, Lt. Blue, Pink, and Orange.


Close Up of the Zebra Sarasa SE 07 Grip

The most impressive thing about the Zebra Sarasa SE 07 is the grip.  The grip is composed of a great rubbery material that provides a comfortable cushion and also has dozens of tiny raised bumps on it.  These bumps give you a fantastic grip and a great amount of control when writing with the pen.  I did my own test and held the pen in my normal writing position and grip.  Next I used my other hand to pull the pen out from between my fingers to test the grip.  Doing this with the Zebra Sarasa SE and then with another pen with a completely smooth grip that easily slid through my fingers was enough proof to me that the Sarasa grip was better.

Some of the other features cited by the 50,000 consumers surveyed about their ideal pen design showed that they wanted included:

  • Ink visibility.
  • Superior gel ink for a scratch-free writing experience.
  • Strong metal clip.
  • Complex textured grip that is superior to most other pen grips.

Although the grip is clearly my favorite part of this pen, the sturdy metal clip is also pretty impressive.  Lets check out the writing sample though.


Zebra Sarasa SE Writing Sample on Clairefontaine 90g Paper

The ink in the Zebra Sarasa SE is great and I have written with them before so I’ve come to enjoy how nice the lines are that come from this pen.  My only minor quibble with the pen is that on two of the four that I tested there was a slight clicking and rattling that I got each time I lifted the pen and placed it back down on the paper.  This is not a huge deal but it is one of my little pet peeves about pens.  I don’t know that I’d ever recommend buying a pen based on only the grip but I think the Zebra Sarasa SE might be as close as it gets.  I wish that this was the standard grip on all pens.

Thanks again to the nice folks at Zebra for sending these over!

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