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Zebra Stainless Steel Highlighter H301 Review


The Zebra H310 Stainless Steel Highlighter

A nice new option for those of you looking for a stylish refillable highlighter is this new offering from Zebra.  Brad over at the Pen Addict reviewed it a little while ago, so check out his review to see what he has to say about it as well.  This pink version of the Zebra stainless steel highlighter was provided to me by the kind folks over at Zebra along with a few other items that you will see reviewed over the coming days.  The Zebra Stainless Steel Highlighter is the model number H-301 if you were curious.


The Zebra H310 Stainless Steel Highlighter Uncapped

The stainless steel body of the Zebra stainless steel highlighter has a nice solid feel to it while not being too bulky or heavy, and the pink accents on the top, back and grip make for a nice contrast and easy way to tell what color highlighter you are grabbing for.  The cap posts nicely on the top of the highlighter, however it does spin around quite easily, never feeling like it might fall off though.  The clip has a nice chrome-like finish rather than the brushed stainless steel finish on the rest of the body, which sets it off nicely.


Close Up of the Zebra H310 Stainless Steel Highlighter Grip

I find the solid plastic grip with the grooved  grid marks on it to be pretty comfortable and it seems to provide enough traction for your finger tips as you write with it.  You will also notice that the body has the Zebra name and model number painted on the side in a fairly subtle way.  As you can see from the above close up photo, there is also a nice little silver accent between the tip and the grip section, which to me is one of those little details that give the highlighter that quality look and feel.


Individual Components of the Zebra Stainless Steel Refillable Highlighter

Besides just looking really nice, and having a durable stainless steel body, this Zebra stainless steel highlighter is also refillable, and it comes with two highlighter ink cartridges, one already installed in the highlighter and one extra.  The ink cartridge in the photo above is situated towards the tips of the fingers, and right behind it you can see the removable section that contains the already installed cartridge.   It is similar to using a cartridge with a fountain pen, which makes for a fairly clean and easy swap when you run out of ink.


Zebra Stainless Steel Highlighter Writing Sample on Inkjet Print

Above what you see is a scan of one of my writing samples done with the Zebra Stainless Steel Highlighter, model H-301.  This is a print out of the product page on the official Zebra site, and you can see that I went over each of the bullet points under the “Features” section.  There was no smearing or streaking when I ran it over that ink jet text, and I probably only gave the ink jet ink about a minute to dry before highlighting it.  Show through on the printer paper that I used was pretty noticeable, so that is one thing to be aware of, but the intensity of the pink ink is really impressive.  Unfortunately the scanned copy doesn’t do justice to how intense the pink color is, so you will have to take my word for that.


Zebra Stainless Steel Highlighter Writing Sample

Lastly, I tried the highlighter out in my Black n’ Red notebook on top of some handwritten ballpoint, gel ink, and pencil writing samples.  The highlighter did well with the ballpoint and the pencil, but it did cause a little bit of a streak on the writing sample with the gel ink pen.  On the paper in the Black n’ Red notebook, there was no show through, which was nice, but also expected since it is a higher quality of paper than the standard copy paper I used for the ink jet test.

Overall this H-301 Zebra Stainless Steel Highlighter is a really nice writing and looking option, my only issue with it is that I wish that the tip was replaceable as well as the ink cartridge.  Hopefully the tip will hold up well, but I know that pretty often its the tip that sometimes needs replacing before you even run out of ink depending on how and when you use it.  I have not seen this in many stores yet, so keep an eye out for it and let us know if/where you find them.

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