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Zebra ZGrip Gel Stick Pen Review


Zebra Z-Grip Gel Stick in Blue and Red

A little while ago I got a great little package of new pens from the folks at Zebra, which included these nice Z-Grip Gel Stick pens in blue and red.  I know many of you prefer to hit up Amazon or Staples for lots of your office supply shopping, however the link there is right to the Zebra Store since it looks like lots of places are not carrying these yet.


Zebra Z-Grip Gel Stick Uncapped

The Z-Grip Gel Stick by Zebra is a very understated pen with minimal branding and a nice clean and simple design.  Personally I like when pen manufacturers don’t go overboard on the branding and design elements, so these fit my sometimes simplistic and minimalist needs.  They are available in a .7mm or medium tip, and come in blue, red, and black…I didn’t get a sample of the black so you only see the blue and red above.  The pen as a very smooth but ribbed grip that is very comfortable, and the cap posts nicely, sliding down a good length over the body of the pen.


Zebra Z-Grip Gel Stick Writing Sample

Zebra Z-Grip Gel Writing Experience

Writing with these was an absolute pleasure, the .7mm tip glides completely effortlessly across the page, laying down very vivid blue and red gel ink.  In my limited time using them, I didn’t experience any skipping or splotching with them.  I did have the chance to use these for one extended period of writing and the grip of the pen, as well as the balance were perfect and comfortable for me even with the cap posted.  My one minor quibble with the pens were that the blue version had a slight bit of rattle in the tip as I picked it up and put it down on the paper.  There wasn’t a huge amount of play in the tip, but I did get a little bit of that “tap” and “click” as I wrote.  Overall this is a great performing and inexpensive pen, with the tip rattle being only a very minor annoyance.  These would make a great everyday workhorse pen for most, so check out the Z-Grip Gel Stick pens at the Zebra store and give them a try.

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